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Start a Bunco Group with Fun Bunco Party Guests

I want to rock and roll all night and Bunco Party every day!

It’s important to get in the Bunco party frame of mind when you start to plan any Bunco event. In fact I have a post it note on my computer with this sentence to remind me every day what a fun and exciting business I work in.

How does this sentence mean to you?

I see so many Bunco party hosts make two common mistakes:

1. They want to start a Bunco party group without taking time to plan the group dynamics.  A Bunco party group is only as “hot” as the members you invite. When you start a new Bunco Party group you need to know everyone fairly well, and know their key personality traits you sell. You need at least one Bunco expert who can lead the flow of the party and explain the Bunco rules. You need to be passionate about the game of Bunco. You are going to be playing, eating, talking, and dreaming with this Bunco group for hopefully a long, long time. Be passionate about the people you invite to join your Bunco Party group and they will be passionate about about joining you in too.

2.  Bunco party hosts think they have to have 1,00’s of party supplies and a ton of theme ideas to start their Bunco party group and have a successful party.
Wrong. You don’t need EVERY single unco supply to have a successful Bunco theme supplies as the months go on. If you want to host basic Bunco parties, pick up one of the complete Bunco kits that have generic Bunco dice, Bunco scores sheets, Bunco tally pads, a Bunco bell, and pencils.

I want you to pick one set of friends and one theme to start with … and do it well. Your new Bunco party group will tell you what they want to do for Bunco themes next.

Are you passionate about your friends Are you passionate about Bunco?

Happy rolling,

Time to get started today with your Bunco Party at the Bunco Games Shop



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How About A “Lucky” Themed Bunco Party?

Your bunko group will be amused by these colorful “Feeling Lucky” bunco napkins! Your group would be thrilled to be invited to a full-blown Feeling Lucky themed bunco party!

Feeling Lucky cocktail napkins will add some flair to your beverage area or bunco table. Perfect for appetizers and deserts too. The cocktail napkins can be an addition to your Feeling Lucky themed bunco party by assigning a feeling lucky dice color to each player to co-ordinate with on bunko night.

Each napkin has pink, red, green, blue, yellow, white, and orange floating dice around the printed words “bunco”, It’s bunco time”, “winner”, and “Lets Roll” with “FEELING LUCKY!” printed in the center.

Each bunco napkin is 3-ply facial quality and measures 9 7/8 x 9 7/8″. There are 20 napkins per package. The feeling lucky napkins easily coordinate with our solid color hot-pink or black plates.

Prior to your party, set the “Feeling Lucky” mood by placing the bunko napkins at your bar or beverage area, and at your appetizer selection to surprise the group with your lucky attitude! Order coordinating colored dice to further accent the bunco appetizer table and to use on the bunco tables during the bunco party!

Warning: Using these hot pink “feeling lucky” cocktail napkins by Lolitta is certain to set a festive bunco mood! We cannot be responsible for any consequences from the results of “girls having too much bunco fun”!

Order the bunko feeling lucky cocktail bunco napkins today and start planning for your feeling lucky bunco themed party now. Don’t wait to get a head start on planning your next bunco party. Start spreading the excitement by letting the girls in on the feeling lucky bunco party theme. You will certainly be looked up to as their lady luck!

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Bunco Party – Bunco T-Shirts

Hello Bunco Party Goers!

Coming this weekend – new Bunko Junkie Branded T-shirts. Show off your love of bunco with our new I LOVE BUNCO, BUNKO JUNKIE, and just plain Rhinesonte Dice t-shirt transfers.

We will have black bunco T-shirts, bunco aprons, and bunco kitchen towels with the I LOVE BUNCO, BUNKO JUNKIE, and just plain Rhinesonte Dice available.

The Bunco T-shirts and Bunco Towels make perfect bunco prizes and bunco gifts for bunco party night!

The I Love Bunco iron-on features clear and red rhinestones and measures a whopping 4.2″ wide x 3.0″ tall.

Use the I Love Bunco iron on to make your own button up shirts, t-shirts, aprons, hand towels, etc.

Your bunco prize winners would be proud to win a bunco t-shirt gift or bunco towel gift and you can expect to see your prize showing up at your bunco parties over and over!

Go ahead and order a set for your bunco prize winners and one for yourself for your next bunco night today!

Directions to apply bunco t-shirt rhinestones are available on our site here.

You could order a set of the bunco t-shirts for your entire bunco group to wear in public to show off your bunco team spirit. Also, consider ordering a set of the bunco t shirts for everyone in your group for Christmas or any other special occasion.

Imagine everyone in your bunco group wearing their rhinestone bunko junkie branded t-shirts proudly to each month’s bunco party! Everyone in your bunco group will be so grateful for your special gift and never forget your generosity!

Why not give a bunco gift that will last a lifetime? Order a set of the new bunco junkie t-shirts now and watch what happens!

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Crystal Themed Bunco Party

Hi Bunco Players-

How about considering a crystal dice themed bunco party? We have a beautiful new, crystal dice wine stopper and crystal dice key chain available to accent your bunco party or give away as elegant bunco gifts or bunco prizes.

The bunko babes attending your next bunco party will certainly feel as though lady luck hit them when they become the winners of these fabulous bunko gifts!

Both the hand crafted dice wine bottle stoppers and key chains are made from genuine crystal glass dice and are gift boxed with a elegant organza bo0w and placed in a satin interior with a gray box exterior. And these bunko prizes just keep getting better … they are topped with a satin bow with a rhinestone heart on top!

You’re sure to be regarded as a stunner of a bunco party host when you give the the crystal dice wine bottle stopper and crystal dice key chains as gifts at your next bunco party!

Some other great bunco crystal party theme ideas are to decorate the bunco party room with crystal tinsel in champagne glasses. Serve champagne in crystal glasses. Roll bunco with transparent dice. Award crystal dice key chains and crystal dice wine stoppers as bunco prizes. Use the crystal dice wine stoppers in your wine bottles at the bunco appetizer table. Serve White cake with white frosting. Hang crystals from the ceiling on white ribbon. Ask all of your bunco guests to wear white and have a crystal prize for the best bunco crystal outfit. The sky is the limit to creating bunco themes… Please email us with your pictures and best bunco themes. We will share the news in upcoming bunco game shop blog posts.

Until next time,
Happy rolling,

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Fun Dice Sunglasses for your Bunco Party

Need Bunco Party Help?

Remember those old pictures of your grandmother or maybe even your mother when they were sitting by the pool? The ones where they had on a huge pair of sunglasses while they bathed in their oversized swimsuits and relaxed in the hot summer sun? Well, we have the perfect replica that can take you back to those wonder days as well as make your bunco party a fun celebration.

The Hip Dice Sunglasses for Bunco are a great way to get all of the gals in to the game. Hand a pair to everyone as they walk in through the door. The Hip Dice Sunglasses can be just a part of your theme or you can hand them out for no reason at all besides getting everyone in to the correct rollin’ mood!

The sunglasses are have a red plastic frame and giant white dice on the front. See, they do remind you of the good ol’ days! The dice on the front have different colored pips and look like they were actually rolled out. The Hip Dice Sunglasses are actually functional and provide UV protection if you ever do feel the need to wear them outside. Maybe your bunco night can play in the afternoon one time and everyone can get their shades on to roll.

The Hip Dice Sunglasses also make for a great addition to a theme. How about some Summer Lovin’, a bit of Beach Day or how about Catching Some Rays? No matter what theme you choose, the sunglasses will make you all chuckle at each other and comment on how ridiculous – but fun you look. The Hip Dice Sunglasses could also be used for the booby prize for the lowest roller at the end of the night. It’s all up to you.

Order the hip dice bunko glasses today and watch the hilarious laughter at your next bunco party!

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Tips for Food, Beer & Wine at Your Next Bunco Party

That’s the Spirit – Choosing Beer, Wine and Cocktails for your next bunco party!

To help you plan your next party, here are some tips and guidelines for what to serve, how much to spend, and just how much wine your friends will drink at your next bunco party.

versatile choice that will serve an elegant soiree, corporate function, or intimate dinner with equal aplomb.
To help you plan your next bunco party, here are some tips and guidelines for what to serve, how much to spend, and just how much wine your friends will drink.
How much do I need?
As a general rule, you will get six 4-ounce glasses from a 750ml bottle of wine. The average guest at a stand-up party will drink two glasses of wine an hour. With these numbers in mind, the math is easy. If you have 15 guests at a cocktail party, they’ll go through 30 glasses, or five bottles of wine per hour. This means you’ll need about a bottle per person for a typical three-hour party. At a dinner, the average is half a bottle per person, so a group of six will drink three bottles. Try opening a different wine for each course, or have white wine when your guests arrive and serve two bottles of red with dinner. For any party, it’s a good idea to have an extra bottle or two on hand – wine goes fast when shared amongst good friends.
How much should I spend?
First off, set a wine budget. Since you already know how many bottles you need, a budget will help guide you to an appropriate price point.
For a small dinner party, especially one where wine will be the star, it’s always nice to splurge on a few good bottles. Indulge your friends (and yourself, of course) with a special vintage or a limited production, small-lot wine. Or, choose a less expensive wine to start and serve a pricier selection with dinner, where it will complement the meal.
A bigger bash needs a crowd pleaser, something that’s easy to drink, like Merlot. Also, consider what’s trendy: Right now, Shiraz is big and Chardonnay is enjoying a renaissance, so these will probably be good choices. For convenience, you may want to buy wine by the magnum (that is, a size equivalent to two 750ml bottles) so you won’t need to crack open a new bottle every twenty minutes.
Serving suggestions
When hosting a large group, create a wine bar so guests can serve themselves. Before everyone arrives, place several bottles on a small table, along with a corkscrew, a towel (for spills), the glasses, and maybe some wine charms. Open a few bottles to get things started, and your guests will take care of things from there. Plan on having 1 1/2 glasses per person. Consider renting the necessary stemware so no one’s drinking wine from a coffee mug. For a dinner party, set up a table, similar to the one above, in the dining room. Serve guests their first glass of wine on arrival and then place open bottles on the table, where they can be easily accessed during the meal.
Of course the most important consideration is the comfort and pleasure of your guests. Don’t fret over a specific vintage or just the right varietal.