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Monday, December 30th, 2013 | Author:

A fun Bunco theme this time of year is New Year’s.  We celebrated New Year’s Bunco in January. Our Bunco ladies wore sparkly shirts and heels, like many people do when they go to a party on New Years’s eve.  A DVR recording of the ball drop was playing in the background.  When people arrived they were given a necklace with a noisemaker attached to it and a Happy New Year tiara.  You have to have a noisemaker (and a tiara) when the ball drops!  As you probably know, most Bunco ladies love making noise!

For drinks, we had sparkling cider and grape juice and Champagne for those who drink alcohol. Be sure to break out your champagne flutes or buy some plastic stemware at your local party store. These cute wine charms would be perfect to keep track of whose glass is whose. Bottles of sparkling juice and /or Champagne  also make great Bunco prizes.

Everyone brought their favorite appetizer or dessert.  There were many delicious savory offerings like spinach artichoke dip, chips and salsa, egg rolls and jalapeno popper dip.  My all time favorite dessert on New Year’s Eve is chocolate covered strawberries. Unfortunately strawberries are not in season during the winter but usually my grocery store carries a long stem variety in January and February.  These are great for dipping.  Chocolate fondue with assorted dippers is another perfect dessert for a crowd.  Chocolate cake with a cake sparkler on top would be festive as well.

What is your Bunco group’s favorite theme for games in January?  Have you had a New Year’s theme Bunco?  If so, let me know about it on The Bunco Game Shop Facebook page.

Happy New Year everyone!

Keep Calm and Play Bunco,

Bunco Betty



Monday, December 09th, 2013 | Author:

It’s the time of year to indulge.  Many Bunco get togethers will center around good food and desserts (cookies!). A delicious seasonal beverage is a perfect accompaniment.  My group has had three December Bunco games so far throughout the years, with a fourth coming up this Sunday!  The first year we met at a Mexican restaurant, played Bunco and drank margaritas.  The second and third years we met at a members home, who along with her best friend are awesome at entertaining.  It is a not to miss event each year.  They go all out with non-alcoholic punch, soda and delicious Champagne Punch.  These wine charms would be great to keep track of whose cup is whose.

Hot beverages are popular during the winter season.  Even in the Southwest we are in the mood for a warm beverage.  One of my favorite ways to serve hot chocolate is in the slow cooker.  Drinking hot cocoa can be even more fun with a toppings bar.  The presentation can be beautiful and festive. I always get compliments and comments saying it looked like  I worked so hard to put it together.  The truth is it is so easy to do! You can let them think it is hard to do.   Mini marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, candy canes and mini chocolate chips make perfect fixings for hot chocolate. For those that enjoy a spirited beverage, Irish cream can be added as well.

Some other festive beverages for this time of year include Egg Nog, Spiced Cider and Mulled Wine.  What is your favorite seasonal Bunco beverage?  Is there a tried and true favorite your group loves? If so, please let me know on the Bunco Game Shop Facebook page.  While you are there enter to win this month’s giveaway!

Keep Calm and Play Bunco,

Bunco Betty



Saturday, February 05th, 2011 | Author:

One of the most fun things to do when you are planning your bunko night is to get a bunch of coordinating things together for a fun night. Whether you have a theme or not, no matter if you have a lot of decorations or not, you will need a few supplies around for the night. Coordinating colors and styles of glassware and napkins has just been made a bunch easier, too. Yes, you are welcome.

Remember those cute napkins that said the Bunco Queen is Always Right? Well, we have the wine glasses to match! These Acrylic Queen Wine Bunco Glasses are perfect to show off your attitude and your diva like design and party planning skills! Buy one for yourself and give the other to a friend for the night. Or, you could buy 6 sets so that everyone has a special Acrylic Queen Wine Glass that night. The wine glass comes in sets of two in a gift box, wrapped in pink ribbon. It could also make a great prize for the night to the winner!

The outside design on the glass has many different crowns and jewels painted around it. They are in the same red, pink and white colors so that they match the napkins perfectly. The glasses hold 16 ounces of liquid. The bottom of each glass has a wine cocktail recipe on the bottom fit for a Queen! Due to the painting on the glass, it is recommended that they be hand washed.

The Acrylic Queen Wine Glasses don’t have to be just for wine. They can hold ice water, iced-tea, soda or whatever drink you are serving to the gals that night. The wine glasses could also be used on a daily basis if you want your family to now who is always right in your house!

Order the queen glasses for your next bunco party and give away the gift boxed set to your most wins Bunco winner!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 | Author:

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to bunko wear for your house and theme, something else even better comes along. What could possibly be better than marabou tiaras and dice sunglasses? How about a shot glass for each player! Don’t lie – some of those bunko nights get pretty wild and shot glasses are the perfect way to make it a perfectly rowdy bunko night.

The Bunko Junkie Shot Bunco Glasses are made from durable plastic that will hold up in the dishwasher. They hold 1 12 oz of liquid. They words “Bunko Junkie” are printed in black on one side of the glass. They glasses also come as a set of twelve, perfect for each and every member of your group. Imagine all of the wonderful things you can serve in your Bunko Junkie Shot Bunco Glasses. Superman Jell-o shots, Oreo cookie pudding shots, hits of tequila, sparkling grape juice or even – heck, live it up with grape kool-aid! The shot glasses will hold whatever liquid you want to serve the gals for the evening.

To make the shot glasses even more special, you can have one waiting for each guest as they take their place at the tables. It is theirs for the taking as a prize at the end of the night. You could also be stingy and keep the set together and give it away to the winner at the end of the night. Dream up a theme – how about a basketball night and make the shots go along. Get it – basketball shot? Shot glass? You could also do the same for hockey, target practice or even make it all about shooting. There’s no limit as to what goes with your Bunko Junkie Shot Glasses – because everything does!