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Glass Beaded Dice Purse

Head out for your Bunko night in style! This cute little white White Beaded Dice Coin Purse will perfectly hold anything you might need for the night – chapstick, your bunko kitty money, a cell phone (if you have a small one) or your keys for the car.

The dice purse is shaped like a real dice, with white beads to give it an extra flash. The pips on the dice are beaded black, so they contrast nicely to look like a real dice. The purse is made from glass beads, sewn to material satin material that lines the inside of the purse. A zippered top keeps all the contents securely inside. The purse is 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches tall. The purse is also priced so well that it could be handed out as a prize.

Who wouldn’t love to keep their bunko money stashed inside here each month. Heck, the winnings could be hidden in here each month, too, away from the eyes of someone **ahem** that you might not want to know you won! Or it could also hold babysitter money for the night or cab fare if you need a ride home. Be careful, because little eyes will probably love how the White Beaded Coin Purse sparkles in the light and want to keep it for their very own!

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Bunco Tiara

So, if your bunko babes turn in to divas before the dice start flying, why not let them completely revel in the mood. How? Purchase a Bunco Princess Light Up Tiara and let the night begin with a…blink. There are no bangs in bunco, just blinking lights, rolling dice and a lot of laughs.
This Bunco Princess Light Up Tiara can have many uses. It could be part of a costume for a theme night, such as Pretty in Pink, Princess and the Pea, Pink is Beautiful or whatever else you can think of that requires a bunco tiara. It would look great with the Genuine Feather Boa, by the way.

The Bunco Tiara has light pink LED lights that blink. There is an on-off switch at the back side of the tiara. The actual tiara is covered in a pink material so it doesn’t scratch the head or the ears around the headband area. The tiara is covered with pink marabou and sparkles in the light, catching the sparkles that are in the tiara design.
This tiara can also be used to mark the current bunko holder. If there isn’t dice to toss around or a boa to wear, the tiara works just as well as an item to be passed around for the current bunko roller. It can also be used if you keep track of low or high scores as you roll. Some bunko groups know what their score is after each round and it gets really competitive – wearing the tiara would be the equivalent of putting a target on your back! Everyone is gunning to beat your score.
The tiara can be sent home with the winner and brought back for the next bunko night. The only problem is, if there are daughters around, they might want to steal your bunco tiara.

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Pink Boa for Bunco

Spice up your Bunko night with some pink boa for bunco costuming…or at least a little bit of costume wear for yourself or the girls. How about a hot pink Genuine Feather Boa to set the mood for the night? This boa could have several uses during the night – awww, get your mind out of the gutter. There aren’t any uses like that for the boa.

The Genuine Feather Boa is six feet long and very soft. It is full of real feathers, not artificial or fake materials, so it won’t fall apart or look trashy on whoever gets to wear it. The boa comes in a bright pink color or a soft white color. The pink will liven up any type of outfit you wear, while the white will compliment anything and not overtake your wardrobe!

The Genuine Feather Boa for bunco can be worn by you, as the hostess or even if you are just an attendee. Who says a Bunko babe can’t be a diva once in awhile? This boa will let you show your inner diva off for a couple of hours anyway, while you roll your way to the top prize of the night.

Another great use for the feather boa is to use it as part of the evening festivities. The boa can be worn by the current bunko holder until the next gal rolls one. The boa can be in addition to the large fuzzy dice or it can be done exclusively without the dice. Wearing a hot pink boa is a sure fire way to spot the bunko babe in a hurry. And it’s hard to forget who has the last one when you are handing out prizes if they are wearing it. Heck, the wearer might not want to give it up at the end of the night! You might just need to go out and purchase another Genuine Feather Pink Boa for bunco to have as a backup in case yours walks away.