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Vodka in my hand…

Happy Friday Bunco Babes!!

Anything cool going on this weekend?  I’m having a drink, a much needed drink…my daughter is only 5 and she’s already so emotional!  Not too sure what the future holds but I’m pretty scared.

I haven’t worked out at all this year!  That’s not like me…also I’m breaking out with zits AGAIN!  What’s up with that?  I’m thirty something…. GEEZ!

I just put the kids to bed and I’m ready to relax.  Watching the game with my husband tonight and you know what bothers me?  It seems like 90% of the commercials that you see on TV now days has to do with shitty food!  Seriously…I do admit that my favorite food is a good burger and fries, but sometimes it gets annoying.  There are a lot of people battling with their weight and that doesn’t help much.  Especially at night time they have to show you images of burritos or burgers and fries…makes me mad!  I’ve been trying to help my mom out and she’s trying lately to exercise and cut out some calories, but it’s been a lifelong battle for her.

I went to Costco today and it was an absolute mad house!  I did get this really cool laundry sorter thingy.  That’s the highlight of my day.

Not too motivated lately and I honestly think I’m rambling on, but the vodka contributes to that.  🙂

My husband has been on an extra dry dirty martini kick.  Been making them at home. I don’t like them, I’m more of a sweet martini type of girl.  What about you?  Do you have a good martini recipe?  We should exchange drink recipes on the facebook page.  That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

I’m also thinking of more bunco giveaway contests.  The fan of the week is good, but I’m really wanting to see more pics from more bunco groups and stuff.

I’ll figure it out.  😉

Cheers to my lovely readers…and thank you for reading my rambling.  😉

Bunco Betty

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