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The bunco bag

Good morning ladies!!!

So I have had a few questions on how to keep all the bunco stuff together.  My group has a bunco bag that follows the hosts each month.

You can find it here.We keep our pens, pencils, score cards, tally sheets, dice and anything else that makes it’s way in the bag from a theme party.  I think our bag has a small collection from a Valentines bunco night and a St. Patrick’s Day bunco night.  Anyway, the host gives it to the one who is going to be hosting the following bunco night when she leaves the party.  Or, in some cases just whoever has it brings it to the next month’s host.  It’s a super cute way to tote your things and keep track of them when the party ends!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged!  I am now helping my friend try to plan her wedding!  Yay!  I’m a Maid of Honor!  The thing is, they want the wedding to be sooner than originally planned, so I’m looking into the date of August 18th.  They live in another state, so I’ve been searching online and I’m so gitty!  We met in Kindergarten and stayed friends this whole time, and we have very different views in life and we are completely different people but she’s the longest friend I’ve had.  We went to different High Schools and had different lives and now she’s getting married!!  I haven’t met her fiance, but have heard that he’s a great guy and she seems happy so I am happy for her.

I never really planned my wedding…we ended up going to Jamaica and getting married there.  It was the most romantic thing EVER!  Not many people can do that because both my hubby and I have very small families and we had to pay for our own wedding and honeymoon, so we figured, why not make it a Weddingmoon!!  No one came to the wedding but I really think it was the most amazing thing that we’ve ever done. (other than the children) When we got back from the wedding, we had a photo album and a wedding video that we shared with everyone at our Reception.  We threw a big party at our house for family and friends and everything was a success.  I’m excited to help out with her wedding!!

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them, as I’ve never done this before!  🙂  AHHHHHH!

Big hugs to my bunco followers!

Bunco Betty

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