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Our favorite dice game!

When it comes to gals getting together it doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as we’re together…right?  Well, my gal pals and I love to play our favorite dice game… BUNCO!  We actually have 2 favorite dice games, Bunco and the other is LCR (Left Center Right).  Of course playing these games lead to how much we eat, drink and what may come out of our mouths as the night progresses.

All of us have children and therefore after a few cocktails we start letting loose and talking about the funny things that our children do and say.  Just because we are women doesn’t mean it can’t get raunchy with our topics of discussion!  Oh my if you could be a fly on the wall.  Or for that matter, if our husbands or significant others could be the fly on the wall!  Nothing more sexy than a bunch of women talking about disgusting things and embarrassing stories.  I have to hand it to one gal who went on about the giant poop that was stuck in the toilet from the neighbor kid who came to play.  The embarrassment of the poor kid wasn’t the point!  She looked at the boy and said “we should take a picture of this one and show it to your Dad!  NICE ONE!”  Now, not too sure if the picture was actually taken and shown to the dad, but then the topic escalated!

Getting together for a dice game can quickly turn into just plain drinking games!  We’ve made pyramids, had contests to see who can walk on their hands the longest and as many of us would like to think we are still young and in shape….really none of us are.  So, as we stuff our faces with food we shouldn’t eat, drink too much and say way too many cuss words, at the end of the night we all have to head back to our normal everyday lives…waiting for the next get together to let loose once again.


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