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My Bunco Party!

Bunco Betty here!!

So the month of November is my Bunco party!  I finally get to host and I’m SO excited!  Of course I am not the Betty Crocker type and my home is not the cleanest….Shit, I gotta clean!  I mean, I have 2 big Golden Retrievers, (who of course are inside dogs) a husband and not to mention the 2 kids.  I would say I live in a nice house…fairly large and in a great subdivision.  Really, I’m surrounded by the PTA Moms who have 5 kids, their house is immaculate, their kids are well behaved, their husbands seem happy and to top it all off they have the time and tolerance to volunteer for EVERYTHING!  They bake, cook, clean, smile and most of them still have time to hit the gym.

Me, on the other hand…I am very unorganized and there is no method to my madness!  My bunco party will for sure be fun but I will stress out starting today!  Maybe I should scrub the baseboards where the dogs lay…I know for sure I have to scrub the bonus room carpet, where the kids spilled their top ramen soup and  I have been putting it off forever.  I guess you could say that stuff is not too important to me.  🙂  My husband on the other hand is a type “A” person who has a saint for a mother who is always clean and organized.  How do we ever survive??  He says “you’re lucky you are cute!”  LOL Thank god he’s freakin hot because he gets away with things like laughing when I try to make dinner with a recipe I find.  He says “wow honey, is this a recipe dinner or another surprise?”  But he is cute and we both laugh.  He knows he married a chick from a small town who has no desire to volunteer in the classroom, have a daycare or by any means be a Betty Crocker.  🙂

So far, only a few bunco gals have been to my house…the bunco theme was mentioned for November and someone said…”we should have a stripper theme since you have the pole!”

Stripper Bunco Party?

HAHA…I totally don’t have a stripper pole, although I did take some pole dance classes for fitness and LOVED it!  Now I just want to rent one and blow them all away with an ACTUAL stripper bunco theme!!  I really don’t know how to explain that to the kids, so I will just go with a wacky wig bunco theme.  🙂 Super fun and maybe I can show the gals some chair dance routines…in my not so perfectly clean home… 😉

Until next time, I shall be busy cleaning and having panic attacks in anticipation for my super fun Wacky Wig Bunco Party!


Bunco Betty

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