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Going bonkers!

Going bonkers here in the hotel. Of course it could be worse…the kids have been swimming non stop all day long! I’ve been sitting here watching them….watching them….watching them. I really don’t feel like swimming today, I did yesterday and all they do when I’m in the pool is bombard me. It’s a game of who can get mom’s attention the most. My kids are very good swimmers and I would have it no other way. They go back and fourth from the pool to the hot tub and their poor skin looks horrible!! They refuse to get out unless it’s for food. A while ago a couple older gentleman came into the hot tub and they befriended them right away. They must have sat there and talked with my kids for a good hour. They love visiting with people and making new friends.
So I’m counting down the hours until my man gets off work. He’s doing 12 hour shifts and I can’t wait for him to be back every night. It’s nice that we can travel with him while he works. It’s a good break from normal every day home life and the kids are out of school on break so we don’t have to take them out.
I’m happy with the way the Bunco Game Shop giveaways have been going. It’s nice to connect with other bunco groups from different states and hearing about their bunco parties and themes.
It’s almost the New Year and I am proud to say BRING ON THE NEW YEAR! We are just going to stay home and have fondu with the kiddos. What are your plans? Anything fun or exciting??
Have a fab day!
Bunco Betty

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