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Funny bunco story and free bunco stuff!

Good morning my friends!

So, It’s been a while since I posted a blog because of technical difficulties and my pure frustration with my computer!  I don’t know how many times I tried to post a blog yesterday and last night but every time I clicked the publish button, it would crash!  So….I gave up on the Monday blog.  Probably wasn’t good enough to post.  😉

I don’t know about your city, but it’s freakin cold outside!!  It makes me want to sing “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”.  I love that song!

I wanted to share a funny Bunco story with you that someone emailed into us about their bunco group…check it out!  Talking about men loving the game….


Just a quick note to let you know about our funny group!…. About three years ago I was put in charge of an employee’s graduation from college/ going away party.   Everyone was reluctant to attend, I said “bring 5 dollars and a side dish and you might win 60!!!”   They all asked what we were going to do and i didnt tell!!! (because a few years before i tried to start a bunco group and they all poo-poo’d it as a ‘girl party’).  But this time i tricked them and EVERYONE showed up 6 men, 6 women….we had it on the back porch, had a huge pot luck!  Since then for every birthday or company party we play BUNCO! They REQUEST BUNCO in lieu of gifts! THE men are the most excited!  Now the surprising thing, ages have ranged from 19 to 74!!  This Christmas all the employees have now become 21 and are excited to incorporate beer into dinner! HA HA   And now our BUNCO employee Christmas party has attracted the attention of my husband’s employees as well and we are combining them!!!  24 employees that we usually spend 20-50 dollars on each will make some NICE prizes!!!  And our ‘traveling’ bunko is a popular kids tv show character (a guinea pig wearing a cape named Lenny) and I call the possessor of Lenny “Lenny’s mama”  the boys love saying they are Lenny’s mama and having it ‘flown’ over to them!!!  He is so popular that they always want to keep Lenny instead of the prize!  I am hoping to have some iPods and kindles for this weekend’s prizes….

Sent from the tiny typewriter in my phone.

I love hearing stories like this one!  Super fun!

I wanted to remind everyone that you can get free stuff from the website!  Don’t forget to check it out here.  Also, Bunco Betty’s 20% off coupon is still good!  🙂  Just put buncobetty as your coupon code when you check out.

I would love to hear some fun stories from you gals about your bunco nights.  I’ve heard of couples bunco before, but my group hasn’t tried it yet.

Here’s a funny invitation from one of our bunco gals.  She’s the one who makes the fantastic Cosmos that seems to bring out the best in us.  ;0)

It’s that time again. You know the drill. Bring an appetizer if you like. Wear your most casual attire, including, but not limited to, sweats, jammies, slippers … whatever.

$10 seems to be the standard Bunco pot … so we will roll with that. Also, bring as much scratch as you want to loose for LRC @ $3/round.

There will be beer, cheap wine, vodka and whatever else is on site that day. I can do Cosmos again, but I am not responsible for hangovers, sharts, or amnesia.

We might have a 9-year old “ghost player” since my husband decided to split town during Bunco week. Rest assured I will make his life a living-hell for the inconvenience. Nobody f’s with Bunco night!

Cindy….I believe you have the Bunco “bag”. Some impaired person left it in your car last month….imagine that.

See you girls next week.


Not sure exactly what I’m going to do today.  I had my workout, got my son off to school and need to go grocery shopping.  Oh yeah…I also have to dust the blinds today.  ICK!

Chat with you all later!


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