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Cool November Bunco Theme

Hosting a bunco party is a great way to enjoy the company of others, have good food and drinks and play a fun and exciting game. If you host a themed bunco party, you’re able to take the excitement to another level. You can add decorations, delicious themed food and even costumes. Coming up with unique bunco theme ideas will also set your party ahead of others that you have attended.

One great bunco theme idea to host in the fall months is “Cool November”. Since the outdoor temperatures are starting to drop, the leaves have already fallen off the trees and the snow is getting closer, “Cool November” is a very fitting bunco theme idea.

There are two color schemes that you can use for this bunco theme idea. You can go with the colors of autumn and Thanksgiving, brown, orange and gold. Or you can go with a cooler color palette featuring blue, white and silver. Either color combination works with this bunco theme idea.


If you decide to go with the autumn and Thanksgiving colors, you can decorate with leaves, fresh flowers, pumkins, gourds and indian corn. You can serve autumn recipes that include pumpkin pie tartlets, turkey sandwiches, cranberry bread and baked apples. A wonderful cocktail than can highlight the evening is a cinnamon toast which is made with spiced dark rum and apple cider. Make your opponants cocktails extra strong, they’ll appreciate the indulgence and you’ll appreciate their lack of concentration during the game.


If you go the other route with this bunco theme idea, you will be using cold looking décor and food. The cold weather bunco theme idea should have decorations that make you feel like you are stepping into winter weather. Hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling, cover tables with blue tablecloths and white glitter and line the bottom of wine and martini glasses with cotton balls. Foods that would work perfectly with this bunco theme are stuffed mushrooms, mini meatballs, cheese fondue and bacon wrapped dates. The perfect cocktail to go with your cool color palette is a blue champagne cocktail made with blue curacao, lemon vodka and champagne.


If you are planning on hosting a bunco party in autumn, the best bunco theme idea is “cool November”. It is versatile, festive and fun. Don’t forget to get enough bunco supplies, have a variety of food and plenty of  ingredients for the delicious cocktails. Most importantly, don’t gloat too much when you win the game, just enough to make everyone jealous.

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