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Christmas Bunco Theme

Hello readers!!

For some reason my husband FINALLY decided to exercise with me 3 days a week starting Monday!  I am excited!  We have to do a manly workout, so P90X it is!  I have been trying to get him to workout with me for years and it’s finally time!!  Of course he’s not overweight at all, but pushing 40 is getting him to re-evaluate things.  He was in the Army, so he swore that when he didn’t HAVE to run or workout, that he wouldn’t.  I guess we can say thank you to us getting older!  🙂  He’s a stud as it is, but adding a little P90X is going to blow his mind!  Anyone tried it?  I graduated the P90X program a couple years ago and it was great!  I was in SUCH good shape, but it’s not a weight loss program…just a “get into the best shape of your life” program.

As far as the rest of the week, I have been trying to do things for the school and running around trying to get some Christmas shopping done.  This time of year is crazy!  I did a bad thing and ate some pie…yes…I ate some pie!!!  Trying to eat healthy sucks.  That’s all I have to say.

So I was tweeting some bunco gals and one of them just got done with her bunco party which was an Ugly Christmas Sweater Bunco Party!  So cute!  So I decided to let you babes know that I am looking forward to one of you to take on the task and PLEASE share pictures on our Facebook page!  I love that idea!

Here’s what you can do:

Find the ugliest Christmas sweater that might be collecting dust in your closet that a family member made you or thought you would look good in…or you can go thrift store shopping and find some there.  I’m thinking that would be your best bet!  Also you can add the idea of funky Christmas socks or hats as well.

Don’t forget fun and wacky Ugly Christmas Sweater Bunco appetizer ideas!

Get some gingerbread man cookies and dress them in an ugly Christmas sweater using colored icing and sprinkles. Have some fruitcake and please, don’t forget the red and green jello shots!

Also if you want a cute gift for the winner, you can check out the Bunco Christmas ornaments here.

I am off to do some more shopping!

Hugs everyone!!

Bunco Betty 😉

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