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Bunco parties in the new year!

Hi all!
Today is the kids’ first day back to school! YIPPEEE for me! I have a couple hours today to gather my thoughts and dig in to the laundry. Much needed. My husband and I were watching the Biggest Loser last night and this guy on there had 9 kids with one on the way! I can’t imagine how much laundry that household has! There was also this other lady who has 13 kids!!! What is up with that?? I think 2 is hard enough!
The hubby travels next week…first time in a long time. It’s going to suck but I’ll get by. I can get caught up on all my criminal shows that I love to watch. 🙂
Going to kickboxing tonight…I’ll let you know how much pain I am in when I wake up in the morning. It’s the best workout EVER!

So, I was thinking about what kind of bunco parties to have for January/February. Of course February will be pretty easy with the whole red Valentine’s bunco theme, or even the super fun Winter Wonderland theme.

I was thinking if I were hosting January, I would have a Holiday Unwind Pitcher Party and have everyone show up in their PJ’s and bring a pitcher of their favorite drink to share.  Unwinding from the holidays seems to be pretty hard….well, at least it’s been a bit tiring for me.

There has been no snow in Idaho!  None.  Very strange.  My hubby wanted to take our son snowboarding this year, but seriously there is no snow.

School is out and the kids are home now…time for me to do the giveaway for this week!  I have decided on the Drink Coasters with recipes on them!  Super fun!

Tata for now babes!

Bunco Betty!



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