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Ok, this post goes out to my fun gals during our bunco cabin weekend…

Chris…YOU WIN!  What? You may ask…. for being the loudest and most competitive during the Bunco and LCR games!  (I always thought I was the loudest…but you beat me!)

Terri… YOU WIN!!  For letting us all know that trying to make pancakes while being under the influence of sleeping pills makes it extra special!

Courtney….For ALWAYS getting injured!!!  Stop hurting yourself!!

Patti….for hanging out with us at the cabin all night long…BAREFOOT!!  (True mountain woman)

Karen….. “Dammit Jim” is all I have to say

Sandi….our early riser and always able to count on for the best tasting bloody mary’s!

Deanna….getting a speeding ticket in the mountains!!  Who does that??

Cindy….. Don’t know how you do it…drinking beer and wine all day and all night long!

Geri…..all she wants to do is DANCE!!!

You gals are freakin awesome!!!

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