Fundraiser Time!

Bunco Fundraisers

Bunco fundraisers have become increasingly popular over the years, earning large sums for a wide variety of charities. Large groups of bunco players have come together to support their favorite charities by paying an entry fee into the game, holding silent auctions, and by selling raffle tickets; with all proceeds from the event donated to the cause. We are also doing this kind of fund raising events on our instant play casino websites to raise more funds for our charity works.

How to hold a Bunco Fundraiser

The Basics: Start by choosing a charity and set a goal amount to earn through your bunco fundraiser (example $1,500). Decide how much you want to charge per person at your event (example $25). Take your goal amount and divide it by your per person charge (example $1,500 divided by $25 = 60 participants) to determine how many participants to host at your fundraiser. (Note: make sure your participant amount is evenly divisible by 12 for an even amount of participants per pod.)

Get creative with the promotion of your event and ticket sales. For example, you can charge a $25 entry fee valid for entry to the game, and include free appetizers, beverages, and a raffle ticket (make more raffle tickets available for purchase at the door). Encourage your participants to purchase a table (example $100) and bring 4 of their friends to the event. If your event is large enough you can sell an entire pod (group of 12 people playing together at 3 tables).

Chose a date and venue large enough to hold your bunco fundraiser. Begin to promote your event through local businesses, schools, churches, and send press releases to the media.

Contact local businesses to donate the venue, food, prizes, and supplies. Some prize ideas are spa gift certificates, hotel stays, gas cards, movie tickets, car washes, and gift baskets. Gift baskets make great items for your silent auction. You can also solicit cash donations to cover the cost of ancillary supplies.

Silent Auctions and Raffles: Hold the silent auction at a separate table at the event. Encourage participants to view the silent auction items and bid during breaks at the event. Announce the auction winners and collect the funds at the end of the game. Set aside a special table for raffle items and sell additional tickets during the event. Hold the raffle at the end of the event.

Bunco Fundraising Logistics

Randomly select 12 participants to sit at 3 tables seating 4. Each group of 12 is it’s own pod. Designate 1 person to be the pod hostess. This player will start and stop each round and keep the pod informed of what number the group is currently rolling. You can determine how many rounds each pod will play depending on the time you have allotted for your bunco fundraiser. Each pod plays their own game. The silent auction and raffle should be held after each pod has completed all rounds. See bunco rules to print the complete bunco rules.

Supply List: Game Tables, Chairs, Tally Pads, Score Sheets, Dice, Pens or Pencils, Bells, Food, Auction and Raffle Tables, Raffle Tickets, Box for Raffle Tickets, Prizes, Gifts, Food, Beverages, Plates and Napkins, Cups, Cutlery

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