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All about Bunco & my Monday :)

Today has been fabulous!  I had my workout this morning and LOVED it!  Day 1 of Burn it Up with Debbie Siebers.  The one who burns your booty like you wouldn’t believe with her crazy leg lifts!  Then the kids went off to school which had me enjoying the quiet house…ahhhhhhh (that’s my sigh).

Then I did some Christmas/grocery shopping.  It is so easy to spend a bundle at Christmas time…sheesh!  Then the sexy man put most of the Christmas lights up until it got dark and then we were off to Mom’s house for dinner.  She made Turkey and Dumplings….SO YUMMY! (that’s me yelling…in a happy way)

Ok, so this next part isn’t so good…my son was saying he had a tummy ache and as soon as he got out of the car when we pulled into the garage he threw up all over the garage floor and it splattered all over his shoes and pants and my shoes and pants.  Poor baby!  The funny thing is he was excited to sleep on the floor in the kitchen.  Ok, sounds weird but after one special Valentine’s dinner out with the family, both my kids ended up throwing up at the same time!  Not just once, it was about every 20 minutes and they were taking turns!  After awhile of shampooing carpets in each of their rooms and going through tons of blankets, I decided that it was easier to clean up chunks (sorry to be gross) if they camped out in the kitchen on the hardwood floors.  That was probably the best idea I have ever had!  So we ended up doing just that and about 7am they both stopped throwing up.  I didn’t sleep a wink, but the clean up was way easier!  Even though this was a few years ago, they both still remember and think it’s cool to be sick and sleep in the kitchen.  Glad to be a fun mom! 🙂

So right now my son is sleeping on the kitchen floor.  He hasn’t thrown up again, so I will put him in his bed when I go to sleep and I will cross my fingers to make it through the night.

So I leave you with that and then below you will find some kick-ass bunco information you might need to get started with your bunco game.  🙂

Getting started ideas

  • Invite 12 friends to join your new bunco group
  • Pick a date and time for your first party (each of the 12 players will take turns hosting a bunco party throughout the year).
  • Type up a roster with all of the player’s names, contact information, and the month and date each individual will host a party.
  • Plan your menu and beverages. Our group does potluck, that way not only one person is in charge of feeding 12 women. 🙂
  • Set up 3 tables with 4 seats each
  • Explain the bunco game rules when everyone arrives on the first night and enjoy!

I’m picking the winner tomorrow (Tuesday) so keep your eyes open!!

Bunco Betty

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Smoked Salmon Dip & Bunco Betty’s giveaway!

Hey you lovely ladies!  I wonder if there are any guys that come across my blog…maybe I should not always say hello to the ladies…what do you think?

Holy cow! Today I stayed in bed with the handsome stud way too long!  After my shopping last night I felt I was well deserved of a sleep-in Friday morning.  I love it when he is home!

I have done absolutely NO homework with the kids this whole break!  I’m supposed to be making my 2nd grader read everyday but when time off of school is this long, I just really don’t have the energy.  I think I’m a bad mom…maybe just one that is a little too chaotic to actually stop and organize the day for the kids.  I really need to work on that.  You know, when I put everything down on a list things seem to get done and go smoothly.  I need to make a list and stick with it!

I hear a couple of bunco babes are having bunco tonight!  CHEERS!  Happy ROLLING!! I love my followers!

Tomorrow we are going to our first Boise State game on the Blue!  The kiddos are SO happy!  I will be taking some pictures and I’ll post a couple for you to see.  🙂

My Fan of the Week giveaway has been going good!  Let me know if you have some ideas from the website that might be an ideal giveaway item.  I would love some feedback.   Also, don’t forget that I have a 20% coupon you can still use!  All you need to do is put buncobetty in the coupon code at checkout!

I shall share another fab recipe with you for your upcoming bunco party or just any night you want a fab dish to serve.

If you like smoked salmon…you will love this recipe!

My hubby went on a trip to Alaska and brought home lots of Salmon…so we found this to use the left over smoked salmon we had.


8oz cream cheese (room temperature)

1/2 cup sour cream

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon minced fresh dill

1 teaspoon prepared horseradish, drained

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1/4 pound (4 ounces) smoked salmon, minced


Cream the cheese in an electric mixer until just smooth.  Add the sour cream, lemon juice, dill, horseradish, salt and pepper and mix.  Add the smoked salmon and mix well.  Chill and serve with crackers.

SO yummy!  We made a big batch of this and took it on the boat this summer with some Ritz crackers.  🙂  By the way, I don’t like salmon, but I loved this dip because it’s used with smoked salmon.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Something up my sleeve…and Free Bunco Score Sheets! Damn, that’s awesome

Hello there…it’s been awhile but I have been up to no good with drunken Halloween parties, sleeping and did I mention sleeping???  This morning after I got the kids off to school my husband convinced me to come to bed with him for a little “nap”.  Really, no convincing needed…he’s a stud and his armpits smell great!  LOL  Not kidding there either.  So, I curled up with him and the 2 big-ass dogs and we ended up in bed ALL FREAKIN DAY!  He had to literally roll me out of bed to go pick up my daughter at 3:45.  Oh it felt so nice!  I like it when he has slow work days like that, but he leaves again next week. 🙁 I shall miss the yummy smelling armpits and the all day snuggling in bed…oh yeah, and amazing sex!

I have decided to do the whole Stripper Pole Bunco Party!!  It’s going to be great!  There is a local dance studio in town called Teeze and she’s letting me reserve the night for my bunco group!  They have no idea of course, unless they are being good friends and reading this blog…we shall see.  🙂  We are going to meet at my house for some grub, drinks and Bunco and then off to the secret place (Teeze) and we are going to play LCR and spin around on the pole for awhile.  Going to be super fun!  I shall NOT fracture my ankle like I did showing off last New Years on the pole at a dance club in front of all of my friends and many strangers.   I thought I was pretty cool because I just took shots and sucked it up for the rest of the night and the party went on!  It was a bit embarrassing at the Dr.’s office the next morning, explaining how I got injured.  I came home with a boot on my foot and this massive scar that will forever be on my shin as well.  SO SEXY!  All summer long people were asking how I got that scar on my shin…”Pole Dancing”! Then the looks on their face…I know what they were thinking…”is she a stripper?”.  NOPE! Just a fan.  🙂

So, I have my LCR Dice, getting my Bunco Score Sheets and super cute Bunco Pens and everything else I need for bunco decorations for the upcoming party at my place and Teeze.  I will definetly post pics for you all to see!  😉

Off to watch TV with the stud in the other room who has the best smelling armpits!  You can ask me later if you wish.

~Bunco Betty~

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Maribou Bunco Bell for Bunco Theme Night

The game of bunco wouldn’t even start without the use of the little bunco bell. Are you setting up your own bunco kit or having a color theme or diva bunco theme? Maybe you just have dozen year old bunco bell that just needs retired for a new marabou bell.

The Marabou Bunco Bell is silver with the traditional click on the top to make it ring. Just like the bell at the counter drug store…. The marabou bunco bell comes with your choice of red, white, hot pink, or pink marabou trim around the rim of the bell.

One way to add even more personalization to your bunco bell for a bunco themed night is to paint it. You could come up with a colorful dice, the number “21”, “Bunco Diva” the names of your bunco buds, etc. to add to your maribou bunco bell to give it that cool, bunco diva look and set the mood for each of your Bunco Nights.

Whatever your reason for a new bunco dinger, the Marabou Bunco Bell is here. Order your marabou bunco bell today and start your personal bunco tradition!

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Free Bunco Score Sheets

Hello Bunco Players-

Just wanted to drop a note and remind all of my Bunco buds that we offer free Bunco score sheets for unlimited use, directly on our website.

Click on this link: Free Bunco Score Sheets, to download and receive a set of free bunco score sheets today.

The free Bunco score sheets are downloadable to your own computer desktop and can be shared with your entire Bunco group through email, or you can send your Bunco player buds to our site directly by clicking here: The Bunco Game Shop. Once at the Bunco Game Shop, scroll down the left Bunco navigation bar until you see the “All About Bunco” link and click on the link there. Next, you will see a page that offers Bunco recipes, Bunco fundraising information, Bunco rules, a free Bunco player roster, links to other Bunco score sheet and have a name line for each Bunco player to record their name.

The free Bunco score sheets also have a X indicator for Bunco wins and a O indicator for Bunco losses. The Bunco score sheets have enough room to score six rounds of Bunco through rolling 1-6 in each round. The 1-6 score boxes are made of cute die to record your wins or losses.

At the bottom of the free Bunco score sheets there are lines to record number of Bunco’s rolled, number of Bunco wins, and number of Bunco losses for easy tallying at the end off all of the Bunco games. May Bunco groups will award Bunco gifts, Bunco prizes, or Bunco cash at the end of a Bunco party by comparing the tallies at the bottom of the Bunco score sheets.

See our site at for complete Bunco rules and help with scoring.

Happy Rolling. DeAnna
Remember to pick up you Free Bunco score sheets.



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Bunco Pens

Have you just learned about bunco and are trying to form a group of gals to get together each month? You have no idea how much fun you will have once you have a group of regulars going and playing bunco every month. And it really doesn’t have to be each month – if your schedule works out that you only meet every six weeks or two months, that’s fine. There aren’t any rules to bunco night, which is what makes it so great!

To get ready for your bunco event, you might need to get a few supplies together first. Of course, you’ll have the bunco game night kit already, so your dice, the bell and the scorecards will be all set to go.

Something else you will need to get before the game night – writing utensils for everyone to keep score. And because you are such a fun person, you’ll want to coolest and hottest thing for all your bunco gals. Well – that coolest and hottest thing is a set of bunco dice pens.

The Bunco pens come color coordinated! Each pen in the bunco pens come in a set with different colors. On the top, contained in a clear plastic bubble are two miniature dice. Roll your dice and shake your pencil! The pen set comes with 12 pens that all have blue ink. Pens within the set come in yellow, red, blue and green.

Get a clicky pen for everyone and include it in your bunco kit to pass around for the future. Or you can use the pens as a giveaway prize to signify your very first bunco night. No matter what you do with the bunco pens, they are a cool way to remember your first girl’s night out!