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Are You Dealing with a Bunco Queen

When your bunko gals get together, do you have a bit of an attitude? It is a girl’s night out after all, so do you follow through with that theme all night long and pretend there isn’t anything that can get you down? If you are one of those bunko groups that have a girl power attitude, then you need some paper supplies to match the mood. The Queen is Always Right Napkins are a great way to do that.

The Queen is Always Right napkins might make you snicker a bit when you first see them. If you aren’t the hostess, you may wonder if the Queen is referring to your hostess! Of course, you can’t all be Queens, right? Wrong! Everyone who picks up this rd and pink napkin can be Queen for a few minutes as they wipe their mouth or their fingers. The napkins come in a package of twenty. They are strong, with three-ply paper folded over in a dinner size. The design has a bunch of different crowns with jewels around the edge, with the words The Bunco Queen is Always Right’ written in black ink in the center. Very fun and playful looking.

They could even be used at a birthday party or other event like a Mother’s Day Brunch or a tea gathering at church. The Queen is Always Right Napkins can be used in addition to a theme you have going for the night. Are you having the Queen of Hearts Night?? Maybe a Royalty themed night. No matter what your theme, these napkins can just go with any type of decoration you have that is pink or red.

Order a bunch so you can have them in time for when you need paper goods at your next bunko bash.

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