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Funny Bunco Invitation

A Funny Bunco Invitation!

It’s that time again. You know the drill. Bring an appetizer if you like. Wear your most casual attire, including, but not limited to, sweats, jammies, slippers … whatever.

$10 seems to be the standard Bunco pot … so we will roll with that. Also, bring as much scratch as you want to loose for LRC @ $3/round.

There will be beer, cheap wine, vodka and whatever else is on site that day. I can do Cosmos again, but I am not responsible for hangovers, sharts, or amnesia.

We might have a 9-year old “ghost player” since my husband decided to split town during Bunco week. Rest assured I will make his life a living-hell for the inconvenience. Nobody f’s with Bunco night!

Cindy….I believe you have the Bunco “bag”. Some impaired person left it in your car last month….imagine that.

See you girls next week.


Now, that’s a funny bunco invitation!

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