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When all Else Fails, Follow the Bunco Rules

When all Else Fails, Follow the Bunko Rules.

Bunco is an exciting game that requires little to no skill. All you really need to know what to do is roll dice and count. It’s the luck of the roll, but feel free to psych out your opponents by telling them that you know an inside trick to scoring a bunco.

The game of bunco requires very few supplies. You will need three dice for each table, one fuzzy bunco die, a pencil for each person, and a bunco tally sheet for each person. All bunco games come will enough supplies for 12 people.

Bunco rules are simple: Once you are situated in your seat, and get yourself acquainted with your temporary partner, you’re ready to play. When you hear the bell ring, the game has begun. Roll all three dice and pray for a one, or even better, three ones. When you look down and see all 3 dice land on one, celebrate by yelling BUNCO! Not only do you get to make all the other players jealous, but you get 21 points and control of the bunco fuzzy die. Well, at least until someone else gets bunco. You can also get excited when you roll a funco, three of a kind of any other number. Each funco will give you five points. For each one you roll you get one point. Once you roll the dice and none of them land on one, your turn is finished. This continues until one team at the head table reaches 21 points. This team will then ring the bell and the round is finished. If you are playing individually, the total points will be reduced to 11.

After the round is finished, it’s time to switch places. The losing team will have to switch tables and partners. One person on the winning team will move over one seat and both will get a new partner. Don’t get too friendly with your temporary partners, they’ll soon be your opponent.

Once everyone has found their place, and got their game faces back on, the bell is rung and the next round of bunco starts. This time the bunco rules tell you to roll for twos. Gameplay will continue for 24 rounds. Four rounds for each number on the dice.

A variation of the bunco rules is to have the round continue until a team at each table reaches 21 points. Every time a team reaches 21, be sure to ring the bell. For clarification, and fun, ring it three times when the third table has declared its winner.

Be sure to have bunco prizes for the winners. First place is the player who has gotten the most buncos. Second place is for the player who has been on the most winning teams. You could also be nice and give a bunco gifts to the person who has the most losses. Hey, it takes talent to lose that much

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