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Start a Bunco Group with Fun Bunco Party Guests

I want to rock and roll all night and Bunco Party every day!

It’s important to get in the Bunco party frame of mind when you start to plan any Bunco event. In fact I have a post it note on my computer with this sentence to remind me every day what a fun and exciting business I work in.

How does this sentence mean to you?

I see so many Bunco party hosts make two common mistakes:

1. They want to start a Bunco party group without taking time to plan the group dynamics.  A Bunco party group is only as “hot” as the members you invite. When you start a new Bunco Party group you need to know everyone fairly well, and know their key personality traits you sell. You need at least one Bunco expert who can lead the flow of the party and explain the Bunco rules. You need to be passionate about the game of Bunco. You are going to be playing, eating, talking, and dreaming with this Bunco group for hopefully a long, long time. Be passionate about the people you invite to join your Bunco Party group and they will be passionate about about joining you in too.

2.  Bunco party hosts think they have to have 1,00’s of party supplies and a ton of theme ideas to start their Bunco party group and have a successful party.
Wrong. You don’t need EVERY single unco supply to have a successful Bunco theme supplies as the months go on. If you want to host basic Bunco parties, pick up one of the complete Bunco kits that have generic Bunco dice, Bunco scores sheets, Bunco tally pads, a Bunco bell, and pencils.

I want you to pick one set of friends and one theme to start with … and do it well. Your new Bunco party group will tell you what they want to do for Bunco themes next.

Are you passionate about your friends Are you passionate about Bunco?

Happy rolling,

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