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Something up my sleeve…and Free Bunco Score Sheets! Damn, that’s awesome

Hello there…it’s been awhile but I have been up to no good with drunken Halloween parties, sleeping and did I mention sleeping???  This morning after I got the kids off to school my husband convinced me to come to bed with him for a little “nap”.  Really, no convincing needed…he’s a stud and his armpits smell great!  LOL  Not kidding there either.  So, I curled up with him and the 2 big-ass dogs and we ended up in bed ALL FREAKIN DAY!  He had to literally roll me out of bed to go pick up my daughter at 3:45.  Oh it felt so nice!  I like it when he has slow work days like that, but he leaves again next week. 🙁 I shall miss the yummy smelling armpits and the all day snuggling in bed…oh yeah, and amazing sex!

I have decided to do the whole Stripper Pole Bunco Party!!  It’s going to be great!  There is a local dance studio in town called Teeze and she’s letting me reserve the night for my bunco group!  They have no idea of course, unless they are being good friends and reading this blog…we shall see.  🙂  We are going to meet at my house for some grub, drinks and Bunco and then off to the secret place (Teeze) and we are going to play LCR and spin around on the pole for awhile.  Going to be super fun!  I shall NOT fracture my ankle like I did showing off last New Years on the pole at a dance club in front of all of my friends and many strangers.   I thought I was pretty cool because I just took shots and sucked it up for the rest of the night and the party went on!  It was a bit embarrassing at the Dr.’s office the next morning, explaining how I got injured.  I came home with a boot on my foot and this massive scar that will forever be on my shin as well.  SO SEXY!  All summer long people were asking how I got that scar on my shin…”Pole Dancing”! Then the looks on their face…I know what they were thinking…”is she a stripper?”.  NOPE! Just a fan.  🙂

So, I have my LCR Dice, getting my Bunco Score Sheets and super cute Bunco Pens and everything else I need for bunco decorations for the upcoming party at my place and Teeze.  I will definetly post pics for you all to see!  😉

Off to watch TV with the stud in the other room who has the best smelling armpits!  You can ask me later if you wish.

~Bunco Betty~

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