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Fun Dice Sunglasses for your Bunco Party

Need Bunco Party Help?

Remember those old pictures of your grandmother or maybe even your mother when they were sitting by the pool? The ones where they had on a huge pair of sunglasses while they bathed in their oversized swimsuits and relaxed in the hot summer sun? Well, we have the perfect replica that can take you back to those wonder days as well as make your bunco party a fun celebration.

The Hip Dice Sunglasses for Bunco are a great way to get all of the gals in to the game. Hand a pair to everyone as they walk in through the door. The Hip Dice Sunglasses can be just a part of your theme or you can hand them out for no reason at all besides getting everyone in to the correct rollin’ mood!

The sunglasses are have a red plastic frame and giant white dice on the front. See, they do remind you of the good ol’ days! The dice on the front have different colored pips and look like they were actually rolled out. The Hip Dice Sunglasses are actually functional and provide UV protection if you ever do feel the need to wear them outside. Maybe your bunco night can play in the afternoon one time and everyone can get their shades on to roll.

The Hip Dice Sunglasses also make for a great addition to a theme. How about some Summer Lovin’, a bit of Beach Day or how about Catching Some Rays? No matter what theme you choose, the sunglasses will make you all chuckle at each other and comment on how ridiculous – but fun you look. The Hip Dice Sunglasses could also be used for the booby prize for the lowest roller at the end of the night. It’s all up to you.

Order the hip dice bunko glasses today and watch the hilarious laughter at your next bunco party!

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