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Christmas Bunco Party!!

Hey everyone!

So, our Christmas Bunco party at Laura’s went so well!  She decorated so fabulously!  Here’s some pics~

After we had a round or two of bunco and filled our bellies with delicious food and alcohol, we had our gift exchange!  I have to say there were some pretty cool presents!  Nothing naughty this year.  🙂  I think everyone was excited about their gift.

Of course we played a couple rounds of LCR and the newest members were the winners!  That always seems to happen.  🙂  I won at bunco after a tie roll-off, so I was pretty stoked about that!  Our ante for Bunco was $10 and the gift exchange limit was $15, then $3 each game of LCR, so I was happy to be coming home with some money.

Today is the Bunco Betty Giveaway and I think I’m going to wait until a little later today to pick the winner.  I want to see how many are excited to possibly win the Bunco Buddies Ceramic Ornament.  It’s SO cute and belongs on every bunco player’s Christmas tree.

This past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for me.  I’m trying to get the Calendars done for the Grandparents, and Costco’s website is pissing me off!  I worked on it last night and almost had perfection, when the damn computer froze!  I hit the “refresh” button and it lost EVERYTHING!!!!  I am almost done with addressing the Christmas cards and hope to get them mailed out today.

Tonight I am going with my mom to the Avon Christmas party.  Should be fun…I get to dress up!  🙂  Then this weekend my Husband and I are going to his company’s Christmas party and staying in a Hotel Downtown…that will be a drunken fun getaway too!  I see vodka in my future…yes, lots of vodka and having a hotel room with NO kids!  🙂
I’ll have to tell you how that goes.  🙂

Have a fabulous day you bunco babes!  Don’t forget to tell your friends about Bunco Game Shop and how freakin awesome we are!


Bunco Betty!

I would love to see your Christmas Bunco Pics!  Feel free to post them to our Facebook page here!


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