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Bunco Christmas Ornaments!

Hello darlings!

Ok, now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents!  I’m the mom who doesn’t have anything yet for my family.  You can see me the week before Christmas frantically searching for gifts for my kids…and then putting wrapping off until Christmas Eve.  Last year I said I would be more organized and completely ready so I better get my ass into gear!  I also have to create the family calendar I make every year for the Grandparents.  That always takes some time too.  Oh well.  Merry, Merry times!!

I got up this morning to do my workout and decided that I had too much wine to be up so early.  Then I curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and fell asleep until the kids woke up.  I’m lazy…but I did get my workout done before noon and I’m hoping to make it to Kickboxing tonight.  🙂

I’m going to be buying some bunco Christmas gifts for people this year…they are super cute and some are on sale!!  YAY!

Now that the kids are getting older, they want more expensive toys!  CRAP!  Then I have to think about what to get my husband…he’s so hard to shop for!  Any ideas?

Our “Like” contest was great!  So excited to give away that cute Bunko Junkie apron…so…Pauline Burnett….if you are reading this…PLEASE email me with your shipping info!! I am going to have to chose another lucky winner in about 2 days if you don’t claim your gift.  EMAIL ME!!  🙂

I have been cold lately, so I wanted to share this warm drink mix I found:



  • 1 1/2 oz. coffee liqueur
  • coffee
  • hot chocolate

Mixing instructions:

Mix hot chocolate with hot coffee in a mug in equal proportions. Add Kahlua. Option: Top with whipped cream or marshmallows.

I’m off to do whatever the hell I want, since both kids are in school….ahhhhhhh, maybe a cup of Kahlua Java.  🙂

Can’t wait for my bunco night….counting down the days!  Please feel free to email me if you need some awesome ideas for your bunco night!


Bunco Betty

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