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Bunco Glasses for the Bunco Queen

One of the most fun things to do when you are planning your bunko night is to get a bunch of coordinating things together for a fun night. Whether you have a theme or not, no matter if you have a lot of decorations or not, you will need a few supplies around for the night. Coordinating colors and styles of glassware and napkins has just been made a bunch easier, too. Yes, you are welcome.

Remember those cute napkins that said the Bunco Queen is Always Right? Well, we have the wine glasses to match! These Acrylic Queen Wine Bunco Glasses are perfect to show off your attitude and your diva like design and party planning skills! Buy one for yourself and give the other to a friend for the night. Or, you could buy 6 sets so that everyone has a special Acrylic Queen Wine Glass that night. The wine glass comes in sets of two in a gift box, wrapped in pink ribbon. It could also make a great prize for the night to the winner!

The outside design on the glass has many different crowns and jewels painted around it. They are in the same red, pink and white colors so that they match the napkins perfectly. The glasses hold 16 ounces of liquid. The bottom of each glass has a wine cocktail recipe on the bottom fit for a Queen! Due to the painting on the glass, it is recommended that they be hand washed.

The Acrylic Queen Wine Glasses don’t have to be just for wine. They can hold ice water, iced-tea, soda or whatever drink you are serving to the gals that night. The wine glasses could also be used on a daily basis if you want your family to now who is always right in your house!

Order the queen glasses for your next bunco party and give away the gift boxed set to your most wins Bunco winner!

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