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Pink Boa for Bunco

Spice up your Bunko night with some pink boa for bunco costuming…or at least a little bit of costume wear for yourself or the girls. How about a hot pink Genuine Feather Boa to set the mood for the night? This boa could have several uses during the night – awww, get your mind out of the gutter. There aren’t any uses like that for the boa.

The Genuine Feather Boa is six feet long and very soft. It is full of real feathers, not artificial or fake materials, so it won’t fall apart or look trashy on whoever gets to wear it. The boa comes in a bright pink color or a soft white color. The pink will liven up any type of outfit you wear, while the white will compliment anything and not overtake your wardrobe!

The Genuine Feather Boa for bunco can be worn by you, as the hostess or even if you are just an attendee. Who says a Bunko babe can’t be a diva once in awhile? This boa will let you show your inner diva off for a couple of hours anyway, while you roll your way to the top prize of the night.

Another great use for the feather boa is to use it as part of the evening festivities. The boa can be worn by the current bunko holder until the next gal rolls one. The boa can be in addition to the large fuzzy dice or it can be done exclusively without the dice. Wearing a hot pink boa is a sure fire way to spot the bunko babe in a hurry. And it’s hard to forget who has the last one when you are handing out prizes if they are wearing it. Heck, the wearer might not want to give it up at the end of the night! You might just need to go out and purchase another Genuine Feather Pink Boa for bunco to have as a backup in case yours walks away.

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