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New Gift Bags for Bunco Gifts

What gal doesn’t like to get fancy looking bunco gifts, especially when it’s on bunco night? Since we know how you girls are, because we are the same way too when it comes to bunco night, we are offering up a hot little trio for you at only $1.33 a piece!

This set of gift bags will hold a variety of different sized prizes for your end of the night awards or trinkets that you give away. You could fit a feather boa, a set of fuzzy dice or even get a dice clock in one of these things. They are perfect for just about any prize you can think up. What, exactly, is it? A Marabou Bunco Gift Bag! This set of three gift bags are wild, colorful and fun, just like all of your bunco gals. The set of three contains a dark pink, a light pink and a teal colored bag. The wild bags wouldn’t be wild without the leopard, zebra or polka dots now would they? The top of each bag also has color coordinated marabou. The fluffy marabou adds just the right touch to make these gifts stand out. Each bag also has a color coordinated matching handle made of nylon rope material. Each bag stands just over 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Great sized for any trinket you want to pass out at the end of the night. You could also wrap up your prizes and make each gift a surprise for the winner. How exciting – a fancy looking gift and then a present to boot! Can bunco night get any better than that? Probably not.

These marabou Gift Bags can also be used for Mother’s Day, birthdays and any other present you need to wrap up and give out.

Perfect for any bunco prize winner! Only $1.33 apiece for marabou and animal print!

3 Print Gift Bags With Marabou Trim. Assorted styles. 7 3/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 8 5/8″ with 4″ rope cord handles.

Present your bunco prizes in these cool marabou trimmed gift bags and make a huge impression at your next bunko party!

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