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Glass Beaded Dice Purse

Head out for your Bunko night in style! This cute little white White Beaded Dice Coin Purse will perfectly hold anything you might need for the night – chapstick, your bunko kitty money, a cell phone (if you have a small one) or your keys for the car.

The dice purse is shaped like a real dice, with white beads to give it an extra flash. The pips on the dice are beaded black, so they contrast nicely to look like a real dice. The purse is made from glass beads, sewn to material satin material that lines the inside of the purse. A zippered top keeps all the contents securely inside. The purse is 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches tall. The purse is also priced so well that it could be handed out as a prize.

Who wouldn’t love to keep their bunko money stashed inside here each month. Heck, the winnings could be hidden in here each month, too, away from the eyes of someone **ahem** that you might not want to know you won! Or it could also hold babysitter money for the night or cab fare if you need a ride home. Be careful, because little eyes will probably love how the White Beaded Coin Purse sparkles in the light and want to keep it for their very own!

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