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Bunko Trophy Necklace

How about a prize for the “winner” that that looks a little…gangsta! Mix up your themes a little bit and make it a Bling Night when bunco night rolls around next month. The Bunko Trophy Necklace.

The best way to give yourself or the girls some great bling is by buying…a Bunko Trophy Necklace for everything. And here you thought I was going to suggest diamonds…since they are a girl’s best friend you know! Wrong!

The Bunko Trophy Necklace is a fun way to bling out the night with some gold. The strands of the necklace are gold beads which are 32 inches in length. A 2 inch miniature trophy hangs as a medallion would from the strand. You could like a member of the posse or part of the rapper’s groupies with this much gold around your neck!

Of course, with every outrageous trinket, you can make them available to all your gals on bunco night or you can reserve the Trophy Necklace as the booby prize. Would any of your gals wear this willingly? Get it for all of them then if they wouldn’t. Would they all wear it no problem – then only get one and make it the top prize of the night. No matter what you think the gals will do, come up with an opposite plan to make the night more exciting.

The Bunko Trophy Necklace could also be an addition to your decorations for a bunco theme night such as the Breeder’s Cup, The Kentucky Derby, The Stanley Cup or any other event night where a trophy looking like a cup is given out. Be creative. Make it a trophy wife night! You’re all worth trophies on bunco night!

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