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Princess Bunko Kit

Treat your bunco princesses to this sweet “Princess Bunco Kit” and celebrate your princess themed bunco event with our new Princess Bunko Kit.

Each Princess Bunko Kit contains 1 hot pink Princess tote bag, 1 purple maribu tiara, 1 pink wooden handle bell, 9 pink with white pips (dots) dice, 1 tablet of bunco bash score sheets (50 sheets), 6 hot pink “ROLL BUNCO” pencils, and 1 tally pad. Items sold separately at $22.00.

Hold a princess bunco birthday party or a princess themed bunco kit party next time you host bunco at your place, and watch how much fun your group has being a princess!

My friends and bunko buds held a princess themed bunko party for my birthday as a surprise, and it was so unexpected and wonderful! I deeply appreciated the extra attention and it will be a bunco memory I will treasure always.

Additional items from the princess bunko kit may be purchased separately.

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