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Bunco Game Shop’s new Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit

Celebrate breast cancer awareness by inviting your bunco group and network of friends to a pink ribbon themed bunco party or fundraiser with the new Bunco Game Shop’s “Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit“.

Each Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit contains 1 Pink Ribbon Tote Bag, 1 Large Pink Fuzzy Die, 1 Bell, 9 Pink with Black Pip (dots) Dice, 1 Tablet of Bunco Score Sheets (50 sheets), and 6 Pink Ribbon “ROLL BUNCO” pencils.

Next time you host bunco night, organize a Bunko For Breast Cancer party, where you can “roll the dice and beat the odds!, and we will donate an additional $1 in your name for each “Bunco for Breast Cancer Starter Kit” purchased.

Bunco for Breast Cancer events can be held with your “official” bunco group at your home, or you can go all out and invite your entire network of friends to join you at a event center for a community wide “Bunko for Breast Cancer” extravaganza!

“Your chance of winning Bunco is 1:12. In the U.S., the chance of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime is about 1 in 8.” (source of statistic: The American Cancer Society). You can make a difference! Start planning your Bunko for Breast Cancer party today!

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