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Pink Ribbon Bunco Dice

Since your bunko night is for the girls (usually anyway, but there are no rules against men), it is also important to take note of issues that affect you and your friends.

One great way to be aware is to make one of your bunco dice nights a breast cancer awareness night or Pink Ribbon Bunco Night. Sure, there are many other issues that can affect women, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, etc., so you could also make each of those a special bunco theme for a month too. This time, however, were focusing on your twins.

The Pink Ribbon Dice is a cool way to play up the Breast Cancer Awareness theme. This dice is specially made and you hardly ever see dice like this! Instead of the boring old round pips on each dice, there are pink ribbons that signify the pips. There are still spots for 1 – 6 on each side of the dice, they are just marked out with various numbers of ribbons.

The bunco dice measures ¾” square. It is white with the pink ribbons on it for pips. The dice are sold individually, so if you are using them at your tables, you will need to order 12.

The dice are slightly larger than regular dice, but they still roll well for any number you are hoping to get. Play off your Breast Cancer Awareness theme and include pink napkins, pink cups, pink balloons and even pink feather boas for all of the gals. Pink is it so do it up right and make everyone wear pink for the night as well. Make a costume prize for the gal that comes doled out in the most pink clothing for the night. Heck, you could buy the pink ribbon bunco dice to simply hand out as a door prize at the end of the night. The Pink Ribbon Dice can also be used for other games that need dice to roll.

Order the pink ribbon dice for your next breast cancer bunko party and show you support the cause!

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