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Misc. Crap and Thanksgiving game

Good afternoon bunco babes!

My son got 100% on his spelling test!!! SO excited for him!  We have worked so hard with him!  I swear that these words are crazy hard for the 2nd grade.  The funny thing is all he wanted was to go to the store and get these little ninja looking guys from one of the quarter machines.  That’s the new thing that the boys like these days.  So I was like sweet…that’s cheap!  Of course my daughter…the loud mouthed, opinionated 5 year old who has to get what she wants needed something too.  OH boy!

So we were leaving the store and he was so happy about his little quarter machine guys and my daughter was super excited about the little toy she got too.  I’m thinking that this year for Christmas I am just going to go around to all the little quarter machines and get some presents!  Good idea??  I mean, we spend so much money on these gifts for them and they don’t take care of them and things get broken and lost.  Why not have a cheap Christmas?  I doubt that will end up happening, but I can dream!

The big-ass zit I had on my chin went away and came back on my forehead above my right eye.  I woke up this morning and my husband said…”looks like it’s got the white head coming out!”  How freakin sexy is that?  I guess after 11 years together, that’s how it is.  Why does this continue to happen?  I’m in my 30’s and still getting zits!!??!!   Kind of embarrassing, and I love the support I get from my bunco gals.  All night they were cracking jokes about how the zit on my chin is talking to them!  Hahaha.  Funny.  Not really.  But thanks ladies.

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year again.  The parents come over and this year we have invited a couple that is here without their family.  Should be fun!  This time I’m going to insist on a game of LCR before or after dinner.  I am even going to include the kiddos, since they love playing.  Maybe they can play with their favorite candy and the adults can play with dollar bills.  How fun would that be??  One of us is going to end up with candy AND money…if it were one of the kids that would be funny too!

I’ll keep you posted on my Thanksgiving LCR game…and tell you how the turkey turns out.  😉

It’s Saturday….going to have some fun…after I cover this zit!

By the way… GO BRONCOS!!!  (BSU that is…)

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After a few drinks…

I have a loss of words…I can only think of the yummy taco bell in my belly.  Why does it seem that every time I drink, I want taco bell??  It only seems to taste good after a few drinks.

So I’m sitting here and I have both my doggies at my feet under the computer desk.  The house is quiet…as it should be.  It’s almost 1am mountain time.   I have to think about getting to bed so I can get up early and workout.  Gotta work off the yummy taco bell.  🙂

I went to a concert tonight with a couple of girlfriends and it was a blast!  I’m lucky to have 2 girls nights within 5 days of each other!  Bunco night with the gals is always fun, but I haven’t been to a concert in such a long time.  Other than the trashed girl sitting above us who flipped off my friend…it was all good!  🙂  It always seems like there has to be that ONE chick who wants to be rude…

Tonight I drank Mike’s Hard Cranberry…I guess it was ok, not the usual yummy vodka drinks I’m used to, but it worked.  🙂

I have a handsome man waiting for me to come to bed and I think that’s what I’m planning on doing.

I am excited about all the new Twitter followers and Facebook “likes” we are getting.  🙂  I’m having another giveaway if you are interested!  All you have to do is be a great Fan!  See our Facebook page for details or click here!

For now bunco lovers, I’m hitting the pillow and letting my taco bell digest.

Bunco Betty OUT! 😉


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No one knew of the secret place…

Hello there fellow bunco babes!

I have to say, my bunco night turned out to be a blast!  No one knew of the secret place after our bunco game and it stayed that way until we pulled up to the building.  I think a few of them saw it coming, considering that I am the one who expresses herself as much as I can.  😉  Most all of the fab ladies knew that I had taken some pole dance classes before but never thought I would bring my bunco group to have some spins around the pole themselves.

Everyone brought yummy bunco appetizers and drinks and we filled our belly’s with as much as possible.  We had so much fun!  I think it was the first bunco game that we’ve had with an extra player!  The ante was $5 (keeping it simple) and I won for the most losses!  I gathered everyone in the kitchen and we chose drivers to get us all to the secret destination safely and hit the road.

Some had wine, some had vodka and others had beer in hand as we walked into Teeze dance studio.  A couple jaws dropped…I could hear their minds going a mile a minute…they were thinking…ok….what the hell are we doing here?  Are we really going to play around on this STRIPPER POLE?!?  Oh yes indeed…I was the first one on there with smiles to show that it wasn’t scary and it’s ok to find our inner diva!  We turned the music up and poured our drinks and the party began.  Everyone had a turn…and loved it!  Laughter, music and our own little dance club!  It was fabulous!!

After awhile I gathered everyone in a big circle on the floor to have a round of LCR…our other favorite dice game.  SO much fun!  The winner won $54!!!  By this time hours had gone by at our own little dance club and after a ton of pictures and too many drinks…it became time to head out.

Some ended up taking a cab and the best part of the night is everyone made it home safely.  I feel great!  It was my first time hosting and I wanted to make it memorable…and I am 100% sure it will be.  😉  I don’t think I scared anyone away…and I know for sure that the fab ladies now know that if you go outside of your comfort zone…good, fun things can happen!

I have the bunco kit at my place and my daughter is loving it!  She keeps using the cute bunco pens to practice her ABC’s and she loves ringing the bell.  I have all the tally sheets and score cards for the next time we meet.  It shall be so much fun!  I have the best set of bunco friends!  Thank you ladies for your fun times and great stories!

I have my drink…and I’m going to enjoy it.  😉


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Winter Bunco Theme

Hello all you wonderful ladies!!  I woke up with a major sore throat this morning…I WILL fight you crappy cold!  GO AWAY!  My son was home sick from school this week and he’s better now.  Just in time to pass it to mommy and his sister.  🙂  I went kickboxing last night and will workout today and hopefully sweat it out.

I scrubbed the walls yesterday and inhaled enough 409 to clean the outside of the house too!  My lungs are paying for it.  That just goes to show that it’s not healthy to clean!  LOL.  I don’t think I can get away with that.  I do have the simple green I use around the house and it’s probably better for the lungs, but it doesn’t seem to get the dirt off the walls where the dogs lay.

No one comments on my blog posts…darn-it!  I would love to hear some feedback.  🙂

Let’s go back to one of my favorite bunco themes!  The Winter Wonderland Bunco party pack!  Check out my friend Laura from our bunco group and watch the video she did showing everything that comes in the theme pack here!

Bunco Winter Wonderland kit

You can also get the cute chocolate dice here.

This is a fun and easy way to have your winter bunco theme!  Don’t forget that I’m here for you to help out with any questions or ideas you may have!

I’m going to be posting a new fan of the week contest up on facebook and twitter soon, so keep your eyes out for that and enter to win!!

Before I go for the day, I wanted to share a yummy martini recipe with you too!  Click here for your Winter Wonderland Martini Recipe! Winter Martini

Gotta get the little one off to Kindergarten!  Have a fab day and stay warm!!

Bunco Betty


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Now that Summer is gone…winter bunco dessert!

I’m sitting here watching it snow on this Friday in Idaho.  The mountains are going to be getting dumped on which is good for those of you who ski or snowboard.  My husband will be taking our son snowboarding this year for sure.  I can’t seem to get warm which makes me hungry for some reason.  I keep thinking of soups and chili’s and warm yummy desserts!  I wanted to share this dessert with you for your next Bunco game night or any get together you may be having soon.

Indoor S’mores

5 cups miniature marshmallows

1/3 cup light corn syrup

6 Tbs butter

1 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips

1 Tsp vanilla

8 cups Golden Grahams Cereal

1 cup miniature marshmallows

Melt 5 cups of marshmallows, corn syrup, butter, and chocolate chips in a saucepan over low heat stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Stir in vanilla.  Mix in large bowl with cereal until coated.  Stir in 1 cup marshmallows.  Press into a greased 9X13 inch pan.  Let stand one hour or refrigerate.

Oh my gosh it’s good!

Another thing I was thinking would be great is if we were to host a bunco fondu party!  I love fondu!  Since my husband and I have been together, we have a fondu party every year!

Have someone be in charge of the dessert and then another be in charge of the cheeses and bread.  We like to cut up steak cubes and have deep fried steak cubes and it is scrumptious!  There are so many fabulous things you can do with fondu!  Fresh broccoli and cauliflower dipped in melted cheese is one of my favorites too.  Also, don’t forget the strawberries and chocolate to dip in as well as apples and carmel!

Go ahead gals and get your pots together and have a bunco fondu party!!

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Bunco Christmas Ornaments!

Hello darlings!

Ok, now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents!  I’m the mom who doesn’t have anything yet for my family.  You can see me the week before Christmas frantically searching for gifts for my kids…and then putting wrapping off until Christmas Eve.  Last year I said I would be more organized and completely ready so I better get my ass into gear!  I also have to create the family calendar I make every year for the Grandparents.  That always takes some time too.  Oh well.  Merry, Merry times!!

I got up this morning to do my workout and decided that I had too much wine to be up so early.  Then I curled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and fell asleep until the kids woke up.  I’m lazy…but I did get my workout done before noon and I’m hoping to make it to Kickboxing tonight.  🙂

I’m going to be buying some bunco Christmas gifts for people this year…they are super cute and some are on sale!!  YAY!

Now that the kids are getting older, they want more expensive toys!  CRAP!  Then I have to think about what to get my husband…he’s so hard to shop for!  Any ideas?

Our “Like” contest was great!  So excited to give away that cute Bunko Junkie apron…so…Pauline Burnett….if you are reading this…PLEASE email me with your shipping info!! I am going to have to chose another lucky winner in about 2 days if you don’t claim your gift.  EMAIL ME!!  🙂

I have been cold lately, so I wanted to share this warm drink mix I found:



  • 1 1/2 oz. coffee liqueur
  • coffee
  • hot chocolate

Mixing instructions:

Mix hot chocolate with hot coffee in a mug in equal proportions. Add Kahlua. Option: Top with whipped cream or marshmallows.

I’m off to do whatever the hell I want, since both kids are in school….ahhhhhhh, maybe a cup of Kahlua Java.  🙂

Can’t wait for my bunco night….counting down the days!  Please feel free to email me if you need some awesome ideas for your bunco night!


Bunco Betty

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Something up my sleeve…and Free Bunco Score Sheets! Damn, that’s awesome

Hello there…it’s been awhile but I have been up to no good with drunken Halloween parties, sleeping and did I mention sleeping???  This morning after I got the kids off to school my husband convinced me to come to bed with him for a little “nap”.  Really, no convincing needed…he’s a stud and his armpits smell great!  LOL  Not kidding there either.  So, I curled up with him and the 2 big-ass dogs and we ended up in bed ALL FREAKIN DAY!  He had to literally roll me out of bed to go pick up my daughter at 3:45.  Oh it felt so nice!  I like it when he has slow work days like that, but he leaves again next week. 🙁 I shall miss the yummy smelling armpits and the all day snuggling in bed…oh yeah, and amazing sex!

I have decided to do the whole Stripper Pole Bunco Party!!  It’s going to be great!  There is a local dance studio in town called Teeze and she’s letting me reserve the night for my bunco group!  They have no idea of course, unless they are being good friends and reading this blog…we shall see.  🙂  We are going to meet at my house for some grub, drinks and Bunco and then off to the secret place (Teeze) and we are going to play LCR and spin around on the pole for awhile.  Going to be super fun!  I shall NOT fracture my ankle like I did showing off last New Years on the pole at a dance club in front of all of my friends and many strangers.   I thought I was pretty cool because I just took shots and sucked it up for the rest of the night and the party went on!  It was a bit embarrassing at the Dr.’s office the next morning, explaining how I got injured.  I came home with a boot on my foot and this massive scar that will forever be on my shin as well.  SO SEXY!  All summer long people were asking how I got that scar on my shin…”Pole Dancing”! Then the looks on their face…I know what they were thinking…”is she a stripper?”.  NOPE! Just a fan.  🙂

So, I have my LCR Dice, getting my Bunco Score Sheets and super cute Bunco Pens and everything else I need for bunco decorations for the upcoming party at my place and Teeze.  I will definetly post pics for you all to see!  😉

Off to watch TV with the stud in the other room who has the best smelling armpits!  You can ask me later if you wish.

~Bunco Betty~

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My Bunco Party!

Bunco Betty here!!

So the month of November is my Bunco party!  I finally get to host and I’m SO excited!  Of course I am not the Betty Crocker type and my home is not the cleanest….Shit, I gotta clean!  I mean, I have 2 big Golden Retrievers, (who of course are inside dogs) a husband and not to mention the 2 kids.  I would say I live in a nice house…fairly large and in a great subdivision.  Really, I’m surrounded by the PTA Moms who have 5 kids, their house is immaculate, their kids are well behaved, their husbands seem happy and to top it all off they have the time and tolerance to volunteer for EVERYTHING!  They bake, cook, clean, smile and most of them still have time to hit the gym.

Me, on the other hand…I am very unorganized and there is no method to my madness!  My bunco party will for sure be fun but I will stress out starting today!  Maybe I should scrub the baseboards where the dogs lay…I know for sure I have to scrub the bonus room carpet, where the kids spilled their top ramen soup and  I have been putting it off forever.  I guess you could say that stuff is not too important to me.  🙂  My husband on the other hand is a type “A” person who has a saint for a mother who is always clean and organized.  How do we ever survive??  He says “you’re lucky you are cute!”  LOL Thank god he’s freakin hot because he gets away with things like laughing when I try to make dinner with a recipe I find.  He says “wow honey, is this a recipe dinner or another surprise?”  But he is cute and we both laugh.  He knows he married a chick from a small town who has no desire to volunteer in the classroom, have a daycare or by any means be a Betty Crocker.  🙂

So far, only a few bunco gals have been to my house…the bunco theme was mentioned for November and someone said…”we should have a stripper theme since you have the pole!”

Stripper Bunco Party?

HAHA…I totally don’t have a stripper pole, although I did take some pole dance classes for fitness and LOVED it!  Now I just want to rent one and blow them all away with an ACTUAL stripper bunco theme!!  I really don’t know how to explain that to the kids, so I will just go with a wacky wig bunco theme.  🙂 Super fun and maybe I can show the gals some chair dance routines…in my not so perfectly clean home… 😉

Until next time, I shall be busy cleaning and having panic attacks in anticipation for my super fun Wacky Wig Bunco Party!


Bunco Betty

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Pink Ribbon Facebook Photo contest!

Spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness!

Share how you hosted a Pink Ribbon Bunco Party and upload a photo of you and your bunco ba bes to the Bunco Game Shop Facebook page.

This will automatically enter you to win the Pink Ribbon Party Pack!

We will select one winner on Oct. 24th and Oct. 31st so hurry and enter now!

Here’s how to participate:

  • Like us on Facebook by clicking here.
  • Take a photo from your pink ribbon bunco party.
  • Upload your photo to the Bunco Game Shop Facebook Page.
  • On October 24 and October 31st we will select, at random, one winner from the Facebook photo posts. Winners will be contacted via Facebook.
  • Each winner will receive a Bunco Pink Ribbon Party Pack!  Good Luck!