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Left Center Right Dice Game and Bunco

How about a round of the Left Center Right dice game AND Bunco?

Left, Center, Right, (also called LCR) is a hot new game that is becoming popular with more than just the kids now – the adults love to play it as well. The game involves dice, chips (unless you have a clever variation) and a bunch of laughs. Sounds a lot like Bunco, doesn’t it? Well keep reading and you’ll definitely want to get your own set to play LCR.

The Left Center Right Dice Game comes with dice that are specially marked with the letters L, R, C and then dots on the other three spots. Each person gets three of whatever you are playing with: the chips that come with the game, cookies, dollar bills, quarters, shots, cupcakes, candy bars…anything you please that each player can have three of. Each player takes a turn rolling all three dice. However many L’s come up determines how many of said item are passed to the left of the dice roller. The same goes for the R’s in each turn. The C’s are how many goes in to the center pot. The dots mean that is how many of the items stay in front of you, in your possession.

Once you start passing your item, if you go down to one or two, you only roll the corresponding number of dice. Even if you are out of items, you still sit and play because the person next to you could pass the items to you. The game continues on with each person rolling and passing until there is only one person standing. The winner is determined when only one person has all the items or they are in the center!

When you play with items such as money, the winner keeps it all. However, when you play with food or drink, you may want to have the winner pass it out to whoever they want to – especially if you are playing with drinks!

Left Center Right dice game and bunco are great to play during the breaks between rounds on Bunco night. It is also a great filler to play after Bunco ends, when you just aren’t ready to go home yet!

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Bunco Buds Tote Bag Gift w Purchase bunco coupons

This Thursday and Friday only – August 5th and 6th! Bunco coupons available year around by signing up for your newletter.

Claim your VIP gift with purchase!

Get this large Bunco Buds! tote bag free with any $35 purchase.

Offer available through Friday, 8/6/10 only!

Click here to claim you gift now! Simply place the bunco buds bag into your shopping cart, purchase $35 or more, AND enter code BUNCOBAG at checkout to receive your gift.

Hurry – your VIP offer ends Friday, 8/6/10. While supplies last.

Keep your bunco groups supplies all together for transport from house-to-house, party-to-party, in this fun, large, black canvas fabric, “Bunco Buds” tote bag. This tote bag also makes a fantastic gift for your party hostess or bunco game winner!

The Bunco Buds Tote Bag measures 19″ x 18″ with 10″ handles. Comes with black with pink and black stripes on the bottom of the bag. The saying “bunco buds!” aloing with a pencil, bell, bunco scoresheet, and floating dice are all screen printed on the bag.

Order this bunco buds bag for your next party and delight your bunco friends with this cool gift and you will be a bunco gift giving star!

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Bunco Game Shop’s new Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit

Celebrate breast cancer awareness by inviting your bunco group and network of friends to a pink ribbon themed bunco party or fundraiser with the new Bunco Game Shop’s “Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit“.

Each Bunko for Breast Cancer Starter Kit contains 1 Pink Ribbon Tote Bag, 1 Large Pink Fuzzy Die, 1 Bell, 9 Pink with Black Pip (dots) Dice, 1 Tablet of Bunco Score Sheets (50 sheets), and 6 Pink Ribbon “ROLL BUNCO” pencils.

Next time you host bunco night, organize a Bunko For Breast Cancer party, where you can “roll the dice and beat the odds!, and we will donate an additional $1 in your name for each “Bunco for Breast Cancer Starter Kit” purchased.

Bunco for Breast Cancer events can be held with your “official” bunco group at your home, or you can go all out and invite your entire network of friends to join you at a event center for a community wide “Bunko for Breast Cancer” extravaganza!

“Your chance of winning Bunco is 1:12. In the U.S., the chance of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime is about 1 in 8.” (source of statistic: The American Cancer Society). You can make a difference! Start planning your Bunko for Breast Cancer party today!

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Princess Bunko Kit

Treat your bunco princesses to this sweet “Princess Bunco Kit” and celebrate your princess themed bunco event with our new Princess Bunko Kit.

Each Princess Bunko Kit contains 1 hot pink Princess tote bag, 1 purple maribu tiara, 1 pink wooden handle bell, 9 pink with white pips (dots) dice, 1 tablet of bunco bash score sheets (50 sheets), 6 hot pink “ROLL BUNCO” pencils, and 1 tally pad. Items sold separately at $22.00.

Hold a princess bunco birthday party or a princess themed bunco kit party next time you host bunco at your place, and watch how much fun your group has being a princess!

My friends and bunko buds held a princess themed bunko party for my birthday as a surprise, and it was so unexpected and wonderful! I deeply appreciated the extra attention and it will be a bunco memory I will treasure always.

Additional items from the princess bunko kit may be purchased separately.