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Bunco Party – Bunco T-Shirts

Hello Bunco Party Goers!

Coming this weekend – new Bunko Junkie Branded T-shirts. Show off your love of bunco with our new I LOVE BUNCO, BUNKO JUNKIE, and just plain Rhinesonte Dice t-shirt transfers.

We will have black bunco T-shirts, bunco aprons, and bunco kitchen towels with the I LOVE BUNCO, BUNKO JUNKIE, and just plain Rhinesonte Dice available.

The Bunco T-shirts and Bunco Towels make perfect bunco prizes and bunco gifts for bunco party night!

The I Love Bunco iron-on features clear and red rhinestones and measures a whopping 4.2″ wide x 3.0″ tall.

Use the I Love Bunco iron on to make your own button up shirts, t-shirts, aprons, hand towels, etc.

Your bunco prize winners would be proud to win a bunco t-shirt gift or bunco towel gift and you can expect to see your prize showing up at your bunco parties over and over!

Go ahead and order a set for your bunco prize winners and one for yourself for your next bunco night today!

Directions to apply bunco t-shirt rhinestones are available on our site here.

You could order a set of the bunco t-shirts for your entire bunco group to wear in public to show off your bunco team spirit. Also, consider ordering a set of the bunco t shirts for everyone in your group for Christmas or any other special occasion.

Imagine everyone in your bunco group wearing their rhinestone bunko junkie branded t-shirts proudly to each month’s bunco party! Everyone in your bunco group will be so grateful for your special gift and never forget your generosity!

Why not give a bunco gift that will last a lifetime? Order a set of the new bunco junkie t-shirts now and watch what happens!

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Crystal Themed Bunco Party

Hi Bunco Players-

How about considering a crystal dice themed bunco party? We have a beautiful new, crystal dice wine stopper and crystal dice key chain available to accent your bunco party or give away as elegant bunco gifts or bunco prizes.

The bunko babes attending your next bunco party will certainly feel as though lady luck hit them when they become the winners of these fabulous bunko gifts!

Both the hand crafted dice wine bottle stoppers and key chains are made from genuine crystal glass dice and are gift boxed with a elegant organza bo0w and placed in a satin interior with a gray box exterior. And these bunko prizes just keep getting better … they are topped with a satin bow with a rhinestone heart on top!

You’re sure to be regarded as a stunner of a bunco party host when you give the the crystal dice wine bottle stopper and crystal dice key chains as gifts at your next bunco party!

Some other great bunco crystal party theme ideas are to decorate the bunco party room with crystal tinsel in champagne glasses. Serve champagne in crystal glasses. Roll bunco with transparent dice. Award crystal dice key chains and crystal dice wine stoppers as bunco prizes. Use the crystal dice wine stoppers in your wine bottles at the bunco appetizer table. Serve White cake with white frosting. Hang crystals from the ceiling on white ribbon. Ask all of your bunco guests to wear white and have a crystal prize for the best bunco crystal outfit. The sky is the limit to creating bunco themes… Please email us with your pictures and best bunco themes. We will share the news in upcoming bunco game shop blog posts.

Until next time,
Happy rolling,

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Bunco Free Shipping + $5 Off Bunco Tomorrow

Hey Bunco Players!

Don’t miss out! Order online at by 11:59 and receive free ground shipping PLUS $5 off any bunco order Thursday and Friday, March 23 & 24th only. Enter coupon code Bunco5 at checkout to receive your bunco coupon savings and free shipping!

Hosting bunco in April? Now is the time to pre-order and have some of the coolest bunco prizes and bunco supplies on hand. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your bunco party. Cut out the bunco party stress now and get your bunco party planned now.

We have some really cool new bunco items in stock. Check out our New bunco gifts items link for some great bunco gift ideas.

Some of the new items are a crystal bunco dice key chain (gift boxed and wrapped with a bow.) A beautiful crystal bunco dice wine stopper (a big hit with the bunco gals), gift boxed with a bow. Bunco Tonight – Let’s Roll bunco yard flags in hot pink. The bunco tonight flags come in 2 separate sizes perfect to use as garden or front yard welcome bunco flags on bunco night. The smaller bunco flag measures 18 x 12.5 and is perfect for the front door, and the second large bunco flag measures a huge 28 x 44 and is perfect to plant in the front yard on bunco night to welcome the bunco babes.

Coming soon: More new bunco items! Including bunco red dice containers, I love bunco rhinestone heat transfers for bunco table cloths, kitchen towels, or bunco t-shirts, bunco candle scented dice pair, bunco large stand-up cut out, and a very cool bunco pink ribbon party light up pens. There is also a new bunco dice rhinestone iron on, perfect for making all sorts of unique bunco gifts on your own.

Talk soon,

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Fly Your Bunco Flag!

Welcome the Bunco Babes to your house with this adorable, hot pink and black “Bunco Tonight” “Let’s Roll” bunco flag in your front yard or on your front door.

The medium “Bunco Tonight” “Let’s Roll” flag measures 18″ W x 12.5″ H, and is perfect indoors or outside. The bunco flag is also available in large 28″ X 44″ size.

These flags also double as groovy table center pieces or table cloths. Order 3 bunco flags for your players tables, and host a pink and black “Let’s Roll” themed bunco night!

The bunco tonight flag is made from soft, high-quality special treated fabric with embroidered letters. Each bunco flag is printed on both sides, so the words can be read from both sides.

Surprise your bunco party guests with this wonderful flag and treat them to a bunco night they won’t ever forget!

What are you waiting for? Be a the super, flag flying bunco hostess now!

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Your 30% Off Everything Bunco Coupon this Weekend

Hello Bunco Players-

It’s that time of year to do bunco inventory again and we need your help.

We don’t want to count that hard … so we are offering 30% off everything bunco coupon, now through the weekend.

Today through Sunday, March 13th, just place any bunco order and enter code BUNCOINV at checkout and receive 30% off your entire bunco order.

Thanks for your help bunco VIP’s!

Just order what you need for your upcoming bunco partyPlace any order and enter couponJust place an order for jndatoday through a 3have a surplus of in

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Make Your Own Bunco Shirt

Show off your bunco spirit with this “I Love Bunco” rhinestone iron-on. The I love Bunco iron-on makes the perfect bunco t-shirt for bunco night!

The I Love Bunco shirt iron-on features clear and red rhinestones and measures a whopping 4.2″ wide x 3.0″ tall.

Use the I Love Bunco iron on to make your own button up shirts, t-shirts, aprons, hand towels, etc.

Your bunco winners would love to receive an I Love Bunco themed rhinestone gift. Order a set for your bunco winners and 1 for your own bunco night outfit today!

Directions to apply rhinestones 1. Take off the protective foil from the tape. 2. Place the transfer motif on the required position of the cloth. 3. Lay a protective ironing fabric on the top of the motify and apply iron. When required application time is completed, release the press. 4.Turn inside out then press once again. 5. Remove the sticker from the cloth after cooling. 6. Turn inside for wash – hand wash only.

Temperature 302–338 degrees for 15 seconds on front and 10 seconds on back. Consider taking to a t=shirt shop to apply press. No refunds on this item. Time(s) 10–20 7–12

Tips & Warnings • If you are going to glue the rhinestones to fabric consider using a syringe with a smaller tip. Using a syringe will give you a smaller more precise dot of glue. •If there is a possibility that the garment will be dry-cleaned then don’t even think about using glue (this does not apply to the glue on hot-fix stones)

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Pink Ribbon Bunco Dice

Since your bunko night is for the girls (usually anyway, but there are no rules against men), it is also important to take note of issues that affect you and your friends.

One great way to be aware is to make one of your bunco dice nights a breast cancer awareness night or Pink Ribbon Bunco Night. Sure, there are many other issues that can affect women, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, etc., so you could also make each of those a special bunco theme for a month too. This time, however, were focusing on your twins.

The Pink Ribbon Dice is a cool way to play up the Breast Cancer Awareness theme. This dice is specially made and you hardly ever see dice like this! Instead of the boring old round pips on each dice, there are pink ribbons that signify the pips. There are still spots for 1 – 6 on each side of the dice, they are just marked out with various numbers of ribbons.

The bunco dice measures ¾” square. It is white with the pink ribbons on it for pips. The dice are sold individually, so if you are using them at your tables, you will need to order 12.

The dice are slightly larger than regular dice, but they still roll well for any number you are hoping to get. Play off your Breast Cancer Awareness theme and include pink napkins, pink cups, pink balloons and even pink feather boas for all of the gals. Pink is it so do it up right and make everyone wear pink for the night as well. Make a costume prize for the gal that comes doled out in the most pink clothing for the night. Heck, you could buy the pink ribbon bunco dice to simply hand out as a door prize at the end of the night. The Pink Ribbon Dice can also be used for other games that need dice to roll.

Order the pink ribbon dice for your next breast cancer bunko party and show you support the cause!

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Bunco Glasses for the Bunco Queen

One of the most fun things to do when you are planning your bunko night is to get a bunch of coordinating things together for a fun night. Whether you have a theme or not, no matter if you have a lot of decorations or not, you will need a few supplies around for the night. Coordinating colors and styles of glassware and napkins has just been made a bunch easier, too. Yes, you are welcome.

Remember those cute napkins that said the Bunco Queen is Always Right? Well, we have the wine glasses to match! These Acrylic Queen Wine Bunco Glasses are perfect to show off your attitude and your diva like design and party planning skills! Buy one for yourself and give the other to a friend for the night. Or, you could buy 6 sets so that everyone has a special Acrylic Queen Wine Glass that night. The wine glass comes in sets of two in a gift box, wrapped in pink ribbon. It could also make a great prize for the night to the winner!

The outside design on the glass has many different crowns and jewels painted around it. They are in the same red, pink and white colors so that they match the napkins perfectly. The glasses hold 16 ounces of liquid. The bottom of each glass has a wine cocktail recipe on the bottom fit for a Queen! Due to the painting on the glass, it is recommended that they be hand washed.

The Acrylic Queen Wine Glasses don’t have to be just for wine. They can hold ice water, iced-tea, soda or whatever drink you are serving to the gals that night. The wine glasses could also be used on a daily basis if you want your family to now who is always right in your house!

Order the queen glasses for your next bunco party and give away the gift boxed set to your most wins Bunco winner!

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Are You Dealing with a Bunco Queen

When your bunko gals get together, do you have a bit of an attitude? It is a girl’s night out after all, so do you follow through with that theme all night long and pretend there isn’t anything that can get you down? If you are one of those bunko groups that have a girl power attitude, then you need some paper supplies to match the mood. The Queen is Always Right Napkins are a great way to do that.

The Queen is Always Right napkins might make you snicker a bit when you first see them. If you aren’t the hostess, you may wonder if the Queen is referring to your hostess! Of course, you can’t all be Queens, right? Wrong! Everyone who picks up this rd and pink napkin can be Queen for a few minutes as they wipe their mouth or their fingers. The napkins come in a package of twenty. They are strong, with three-ply paper folded over in a dinner size. The design has a bunch of different crowns with jewels around the edge, with the words The Bunco Queen is Always Right’ written in black ink in the center. Very fun and playful looking.

They could even be used at a birthday party or other event like a Mother’s Day Brunch or a tea gathering at church. The Queen is Always Right Napkins can be used in addition to a theme you have going for the night. Are you having the Queen of Hearts Night?? Maybe a Royalty themed night. No matter what your theme, these napkins can just go with any type of decoration you have that is pink or red.

Order a bunch so you can have them in time for when you need paper goods at your next bunko bash.

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Bunko Junkie Shot Bunco Glasses?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to bunko wear for your house and theme, something else even better comes along. What could possibly be better than marabou tiaras and dice sunglasses? How about a shot glass for each player! Don’t lie – some of those bunko nights get pretty wild and shot glasses are the perfect way to make it a perfectly rowdy bunko night.

The Bunko Junkie Shot Bunco Glasses are made from durable plastic that will hold up in the dishwasher. They hold 1 12 oz of liquid. They words “Bunko Junkie” are printed in black on one side of the glass. They glasses also come as a set of twelve, perfect for each and every member of your group. Imagine all of the wonderful things you can serve in your Bunko Junkie Shot Bunco Glasses. Superman Jell-o shots, Oreo cookie pudding shots, hits of tequila, sparkling grape juice or even – heck, live it up with grape kool-aid! The shot glasses will hold whatever liquid you want to serve the gals for the evening.

To make the shot glasses even more special, you can have one waiting for each guest as they take their place at the tables. It is theirs for the taking as a prize at the end of the night. You could also be stingy and keep the set together and give it away to the winner at the end of the night. Dream up a theme – how about a basketball night and make the shots go along. Get it – basketball shot? Shot glass? You could also do the same for hockey, target practice or even make it all about shooting. There’s no limit as to what goes with your Bunko Junkie Shot Glasses – because everything does!