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Patriotic Bunco Theme Party

Patriotic Bunco Theme Party

Bunco theme parties are fun anytime of the year, but when it’s combined with celebrating a holiday, it’s even better.  Hosting a 4th of July bunco theme party is an excellent idea that will lead to a fun fulled patriotic occasion.

One thing you want to make sure your do, is have plenty of patriotic bunco theme recipes on your party theme menu.

The 4th of July is a great time to barbeque, so be sure to include plenty of hamburgers, hotdogs, salad and corn on the cobb to your menu.  For a fun, festive dessert, try this beautiful and delicious red, white and blue trifle.

Here is what you’ll need:

2 8oz packages of softened cream cheese

½ cup sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

2 cups whipped cream

2 quarts strawberries or raspberries

2 quarts blueberries

Beat together the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla extract until it is fluffy. Fold in the whipped cream until combined.  You will need a 4 qt serving bowl for the trifle.  Reserve 20 strawberries or raspberries and ½ cup of blueberries for later.  Place 1/3 of the cream cheese mixture in the bottom of the serving dish.  Try to stop yourself from licking the spoon, it will be a challenge, but you can do it. Layer with half of the berry mixture.  Put another 1/3 of the cream cheese mixture in and then the rest of the berries on top of that.  Put the remainder of the cream cheese mixture on top.  Now you can lick the spoon, go ahead, you know you want to.  Finally, use the strawberries and blueberries you put aside to make an American flag on top of the trifle and try to resist digging in until your bunco guests arrive.  Once they are all there, it’s every man and woman for themselves.

After indulging in the creamy goodness, you’ll need something to wash it down.

This patriotic shooter is fun to look at, and even better to drink at a bunco theme party.

You will need:

1/3 oz grenadine

1/3 oz peach schnapps

1/3 oz blue curacao

Pour the grenadine into a shot glass.  Float the peach schnapps in next and then the blue curacao.  The colors will remain separate and create a flag-like appearance.  Remember to grab one of these shooters for yourself, they won’t last long.

Your bunco buds will appreciate the time you took to host a Patriotic Bunco Theme Party just for them! Visit the Bunco Game Shop for other cool bunco theme ideas and all sorts of cool bunco stuff!


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Maribou Bunco Bell for Bunco Theme Night

The game of bunco wouldn’t even start without the use of the little bunco bell. Are you setting up your own bunco kit or having a color theme or diva bunco theme? Maybe you just have dozen year old bunco bell that just needs retired for a new marabou bell.

The Marabou Bunco Bell is silver with the traditional click on the top to make it ring. Just like the bell at the counter drug store…. The marabou bunco bell comes with your choice of red, white, hot pink, or pink marabou trim around the rim of the bell.

One way to add even more personalization to your bunco bell for a bunco themed night is to paint it. You could come up with a colorful dice, the number “21”, “Bunco Diva” the names of your bunco buds, etc. to add to your maribou bunco bell to give it that cool, bunco diva look and set the mood for each of your Bunco Nights.

Whatever your reason for a new bunco dinger, the Marabou Bunco Bell is here. Order your marabou bunco bell today and start your personal bunco tradition!

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Bunco Fundraiser Theme

A Bunco Themed Fundraiser

Bunco is an exciting game that can lead to hours of fun, so why not put the game to use and raise some money while having a bunco fundraiser blast. It’s an easy, fun, and rewarding way to raise money for the cause of your choice.

First, decide which charity or event you will be bunco fundraising for. Think of an amount you want to raise and keep that in mind when planning the bunco fundraiser. You will need to decide how many people you want to attend, how much the entry-fee is, and extras you can add to make the fundraiser more appealing.

When deciding the number of entries, be sure to keep the number divisible by 12 since each regular bunco game includes 12 players. If you decide to have 48 players at your bunco fundraiser, you will have 4 separate games. Knowing the number of people will also help decide the entry fee. If you want to raise $1200, each of the 48 players will have a $25 entry fee.

Make your bunco fundraiser enjoyable! You want your guests to enjoy themselves and to feel like they are donating to a good cause. Be sure to have plenty of information on the charity or event you are raising money for, in case the guests would like to know more. To keep the fun going, add some different events to the bunco game. You could have each chair numbered and have the guests pick a number out of a jar when they first arrive. The corresponding number and chair will be there first spot during the game. This will give the guests the opportunity to venture out and meet new people.

Adding a silent auction to your fundraising event is an excellent way to earn even more money. Talk with local businesses and see if they will donate gift cards, services, and items for the auction. Many large retailers commonly donate for fundraisers. You can also do a 50/50 raffle. Your guests are sure to enter this since they will have a chance of winning some money.

You can look to local businesses to donate food, drinks, and prizes for the bunco fundraiser event. If you cannot get businesses to donate, figure in an extra amount in the entry fee for snacks, drinks and small prizes. Having these available will make the bunco event more enjoyable. Keep the prizes low in cost, but fun. Gag gifts are a great way to stretch your dollar, and bring a smile to the winners face.

Finally, remember that you are doing this for a good cause and remember to enjoy yourself. Bunco is a fun and entertaining game that can help you, help those in need.

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When all Else Fails, Follow the Bunco Rules

When all Else Fails, Follow the Bunko Rules.

Bunco is an exciting game that requires little to no skill. All you really need to know what to do is roll dice and count. It’s the luck of the roll, but feel free to psych out your opponents by telling them that you know an inside trick to scoring a bunco.

The game of bunco requires very few supplies. You will need three dice for each table, one fuzzy bunco die, a pencil for each person, and a bunco tally sheet for each person. All bunco games come will enough supplies for 12 people.

Bunco rules are simple: Once you are situated in your seat, and get yourself acquainted with your temporary partner, you’re ready to play. When you hear the bell ring, the game has begun. Roll all three dice and pray for a one, or even better, three ones. When you look down and see all 3 dice land on one, celebrate by yelling BUNCO! Not only do you get to make all the other players jealous, but you get 21 points and control of the bunco fuzzy die. Well, at least until someone else gets bunco. You can also get excited when you roll a funco, three of a kind of any other number. Each funco will give you five points. For each one you roll you get one point. Once you roll the dice and none of them land on one, your turn is finished. This continues until one team at the head table reaches 21 points. This team will then ring the bell and the round is finished. If you are playing individually, the total points will be reduced to 11.

After the round is finished, it’s time to switch places. The losing team will have to switch tables and partners. One person on the winning team will move over one seat and both will get a new partner. Don’t get too friendly with your temporary partners, they’ll soon be your opponent.

Once everyone has found their place, and got their game faces back on, the bell is rung and the next round of bunco starts. This time the bunco rules tell you to roll for twos. Gameplay will continue for 24 rounds. Four rounds for each number on the dice.

A variation of the bunco rules is to have the round continue until a team at each table reaches 21 points. Every time a team reaches 21, be sure to ring the bell. For clarification, and fun, ring it three times when the third table has declared its winner.

Be sure to have bunco prizes for the winners. First place is the player who has gotten the most buncos. Second place is for the player who has been on the most winning teams. You could also be nice and give a bunco gifts to the person who has the most losses. Hey, it takes talent to lose that much

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To Win The Bunco Game You Must First Know The Rules

There are many different rules when it comes to the game of bunco Knowing them all is relatively impossible. However, if you follow these general bunco guidelines, you will be on your way to claiming your prize.

The first thing to do is designate a head table. The head table will have a bell and one fuzzy die, tiara, or boa. All the tables will have 3 dice, a tally pad, and each person will have their own bunco score sheet and pencil. Next, you’ll want to look across the table. This person is your temporary partner, but you must remember not to trust them too much, they won’t be your partner for long.

To start off, the head table will ring the bell. The starting person at each table will then start to roll the dice. Each time a one shows up, the player will get a point. Once a one doesn’t show up, the turn is over. If you are lucky enough to roll 3 ones, be sure to yell BUNCO for everyone to hear, try to ignore their jealous remarks. When you roll the bunco, you will be given the fuzzy die, tiara, or boa to parade around in, 21 points on your score sheet, and full bragging rights. If you happen to roll 3 of a kind, other than ones, you get a funco. You will receive five points for each funco.

Once a team at the head table reaches a score of 21, the bell is rung. At this point, it’s time for the game to stop and everyone to switch places. This is where it can become a little confusing. The winning team at each table will remain at the table, but one person will move one seat. Two new players will join the table and each player will have a different partner. The losing team at each table will have to move to another table and get new partners. Get on your game face and prepare for another round.

Now, the head table will again ring the bell and the starting player will roll the dice again. This time you will be rolling for twos. Bunco gameplay will continue this way until you have gone through all six numbers on the dice, four times for a total of 24 rounds.

Now that you know the rules of the game, it’s time to get rolling on towards your victory.

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Bunco Rules

Hello future bunco players!

Are you looking for official Bunco Rules?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there really isn’t a set of “official” bunco rules! That opens the door to all sorts of bunco fun!

“Tell me how to play bunco!” Well, bunco does have rules … but officially, there are no SET rules.

Set up 3 tables: Head Table, Middle Table and Losing Table. (Some groups call them High, Middle, and Low). On each table you should have a score sheet, pencils and 3 dice. A bell is placed on the Head Table and a large fuzzy die is placed on the Losing Table.

Who sits where? Take 12 individual score cards and number them 1-12. Have each person draw a card. 1-4 sits at the Head Table, 5-8 at the Middle Table, 9-12 at the Losing Table. They would also sit in that order at each table, so teammates can be decided. Teammates are sitting across from each other. Pick one person on each team to tally points during each round.

There are 6 rounds in each set of Bunco. The Head table starts and ends the round by ringing the bell. The scorekeeper at each table is the first to roll. Players gain points by rolling 3 dice. For each round, players try to roll the same number as the round (i.e. in Round 3, rolling a dice with 3 dots). This is also called the target number. One point is given for each target number rolled. For example, in round 3 you roll a 1, a 2, and a 3. The “3″ would give you one point.

5 points are given when you roll three of a kind of any number BUT the Target number, and when you roll 3 dice with the Target number on it, you earn 21 points. Of course, you have to loudly yell out “BUNCO” to get those points, but you’ll be so excited – that will be easy! Make sure you give yourself on your score sheet one Bunco point.

Players roll as long as they continue scoring one or more points. When they do not throw at least one dice with the Target number, or 3 of a kind, they pass the dice to the player on the left. The scorekeeper then records the score on the Tally Pad as a temporary team score.

The round is over at any table when one team reaches 21 points. When the Head Table reaches 21 points, they ring the bell and the round is over for everyone. Players at the Middle and Losing table do get to finish their rolls, however. Every player gets at least one roll per round.

The winning team from the Middle Table and Losing Table move up to a higher table. The losing team from the Head table moves to the low table. During the switch, partners are changed. This is why it’s important to keep your own score sheet. Write a W (win) or L (lose) on your sheet for each round. Also remember to mark down any Buncos you had during that round.

Some groups play two sets of Bunco, and then take a break to eat or snack. Then they continue with 2 more sets. The game ends when all 4 sets have been completed. Each person then totals their Buncos, Wins and Losses from each round and writes the totals at the bottom of their sheets. Prizes are then given out.

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Free Bunco Score Sheets

Hello Bunco Players-

Just wanted to drop a note and remind all of my Bunco buds that we offer free Bunco score sheets for unlimited use, directly on our website.

Click on this link: Free Bunco Score Sheets, to download and receive a set of free bunco score sheets today.

The free Bunco score sheets are downloadable to your own computer desktop and can be shared with your entire Bunco group through email, or you can send your Bunco player buds to our site directly by clicking here: The Bunco Game Shop. Once at the Bunco Game Shop, scroll down the left Bunco navigation bar until you see the “All About Bunco” link and click on the link there. Next, you will see a page that offers Bunco recipes, Bunco fundraising information, Bunco rules, a free Bunco player roster, links to other Bunco score sheet and have a name line for each Bunco player to record their name.

The free Bunco score sheets also have a X indicator for Bunco wins and a O indicator for Bunco losses. The Bunco score sheets have enough room to score six rounds of Bunco through rolling 1-6 in each round. The 1-6 score boxes are made of cute die to record your wins or losses.

At the bottom of the free Bunco score sheets there are lines to record number of Bunco’s rolled, number of Bunco wins, and number of Bunco losses for easy tallying at the end off all of the Bunco games. May Bunco groups will award Bunco gifts, Bunco prizes, or Bunco cash at the end of a Bunco party by comparing the tallies at the bottom of the Bunco score sheets.

See our site at for complete Bunco rules and help with scoring.

Happy Rolling. DeAnna
Remember to pick up you Free Bunco score sheets.



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Bunco Dice Bracelets AT a Great Value

These adorable, transparent, bunco bracelets make a wonderful and affordable party favor for every member of your group.

Each 3 piece bunco bracelet set can be separated and given as individual pieces. The bunko dice bead bracelets are packaged in shrink wrap, and comes in 4 separate color combinations:

Set #1 has clear bunko dice bracelet, 1 red bunco dice bracelet, and 1 pink bunko dice bracelet.

Set #2 has 1 clear dice bracelet, 1 blue bunko dice bracelet, and 1 pink bunko bracelet.

Set #3 has 1 green dice bracelet, 1 pink dice bracelet, and 1 purple dice bracelet. And, set #4 has 1 red dice bracelet, 1 purple bunko dice bracelet, and one blue dice bracelet.

Each dice bracelet is made of clear acrylic dice beads is a 7mm, diagonally strung dice beads on a flexible cord. 1 size fits all. Great quality dice bracelets!

Offer these bunco dice bracelets to each bunco roller throughout the bunco party, or order 1 set for each player as a bunco party gift.

You can also buy dice braclets. Get 3 sets to give your bunco game winnners for every bunco game category — most buncos winner, most bunco wins, most bunco losses) at the end of the bunco party game.

Wear the cheap bunco dice bracelets again and again each time you meet for bunco. Have a contest to see who can collect the most dice bracelets by the end of the year and give special bunco prizes at your Christmas bunco party. These bunco bracelets are cute enough to wear as everyday jewelry, even after the bunco party.

Your bunco party buds will worship your for your thoughtfullness in giving them this unique bunco gift of the adorable bead bracelets.

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Start a Bunco Group with Fun Bunco Party Guests

I want to rock and roll all night and Bunco Party every day!

It’s important to get in the Bunco party frame of mind when you start to plan any Bunco event. In fact I have a post it note on my computer with this sentence to remind me every day what a fun and exciting business I work in.

How does this sentence mean to you?

I see so many Bunco party hosts make two common mistakes:

1. They want to start a Bunco party group without taking time to plan the group dynamics.  A Bunco party group is only as “hot” as the members you invite. When you start a new Bunco Party group you need to know everyone fairly well, and know their key personality traits you sell. You need at least one Bunco expert who can lead the flow of the party and explain the Bunco rules. You need to be passionate about the game of Bunco. You are going to be playing, eating, talking, and dreaming with this Bunco group for hopefully a long, long time. Be passionate about the people you invite to join your Bunco Party group and they will be passionate about about joining you in too.

2.  Bunco party hosts think they have to have 1,00’s of party supplies and a ton of theme ideas to start their Bunco party group and have a successful party.
Wrong. You don’t need EVERY single unco supply to have a successful Bunco theme supplies as the months go on. If you want to host basic Bunco parties, pick up one of the complete Bunco kits that have generic Bunco dice, Bunco scores sheets, Bunco tally pads, a Bunco bell, and pencils.

I want you to pick one set of friends and one theme to start with … and do it well. Your new Bunco party group will tell you what they want to do for Bunco themes next.

Are you passionate about your friends Are you passionate about Bunco?

Happy rolling,

Time to get started today with your Bunco Party at the Bunco Games Shop



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How About A “Lucky” Themed Bunco Party?

Your bunko group will be amused by these colorful “Feeling Lucky” bunco napkins! Your group would be thrilled to be invited to a full-blown Feeling Lucky themed bunco party!

Feeling Lucky cocktail napkins will add some flair to your beverage area or bunco table. Perfect for appetizers and deserts too. The cocktail napkins can be an addition to your Feeling Lucky themed bunco party by assigning a feeling lucky dice color to each player to co-ordinate with on bunko night.

Each napkin has pink, red, green, blue, yellow, white, and orange floating dice around the printed words “bunco”, It’s bunco time”, “winner”, and “Lets Roll” with “FEELING LUCKY!” printed in the center.

Each bunco napkin is 3-ply facial quality and measures 9 7/8 x 9 7/8″. There are 20 napkins per package. The feeling lucky napkins easily coordinate with our solid color hot-pink or black plates.

Prior to your party, set the “Feeling Lucky” mood by placing the bunko napkins at your bar or beverage area, and at your appetizer selection to surprise the group with your lucky attitude! Order coordinating colored dice to further accent the bunco appetizer table and to use on the bunco tables during the bunco party!

Warning: Using these hot pink “feeling lucky” cocktail napkins by Lolitta is certain to set a festive bunco mood! We cannot be responsible for any consequences from the results of “girls having too much bunco fun”!

Order the bunko feeling lucky cocktail bunco napkins today and start planning for your feeling lucky bunco themed party now. Don’t wait to get a head start on planning your next bunco party. Start spreading the excitement by letting the girls in on the feeling lucky bunco party theme. You will certainly be looked up to as their lady luck!